Shoreline Master Program

Shoreline Master Program


The City of North Bonneville includes shoreline areas subject to the Washington Shoreline Management Act. This Act establishes statewide policies that govern the use and development of our shorelines, striving to achieve balanced and responsible shoreline use and development, environmental protection, and promote public access to public shorelines.


The City’s Shoreline Master Program (SMP), developed under this Act, is intended to protect our local shoreline environment in the long run, while providing for appropriate water-oriented uses and ensuring appropriate public access.


The City of North Bonneville SMP currently identies shorelines including those portions of the Columbia River, Hamilton Creek and Greenleaf Creek which fall within city limits, and the entirety of Greenleaf Lake. Shoreline jurisdiction extends 200 feet in all directions horizontally of the edge of these waters and includes any associated wetlands.


Local waterfront conditions and community values are part of the statutory intent for how shorelines are to be managed. The Washington Shoreline Management Act requires all SMPs to be periodically updated. The State Legislature directed Department of Ecology to provide Guidelines for update, which were adopted in 2003. The City of North Bonneville’s SMP has not been reviewed or updated since it was adopted in 1974. The City is currently updating it’s SMP according to the new Guidelines, with partial project funding from the the Department of Ecology. This update process will include several steps, each including various levels of public participation which will be promoted through communication materials and outreach opportunities. After local adoption of the SMP, Ecology must review for consistency with the statewide policies, accept further comments from the public, and adopt the document with any necessary revisions. Once adopted, the SMP becomes a primary regulatory instrument for development on lands within shoreline jurisdiction.


Steps of the Program Update process, the scheduled timeline, and the resulting ocial documents can be found on the Shoreline Master Program Update Schedule web page.