City Resolutions

City ResolutionsDescription / Link to PDFDate Adopted
Resolution No. 575Amending Resolution 548 Exhibit E Relating to Fees04/09/2024
Resolution No. 574Amending Resolution 573 Exhibit B Water Fees and Exhibit C Sewer Fees04/09/2024
Resolution No. 573Amending Resolution 565 Exhibit B Water Fees and Exhibit C Sewer Fees02/13/2024
Resolution No. 572Providing for a Declaration of Emergency for North Bonneville Due to January 18-22, 2024 Ice and Snow Storm01/23/2024
Resolution No. 571Decalring Certain Property to be Surplus, Establishing a Means of Valuation and Method of Property Disposal12/12/2023
Resolution No. 570For 2024, Setting the Ad-Valorem Tax 11/28/2023
Resolution No. 569Declaring Special Market Conditions Under RCW 39.04.280(1)(B) to Purchase a Used Case 485 Tractor10/10/2023
Resolution No. 568Declaring Special Market Conditions Under RCW 39.04.280(1)(B) to Purchase a Used Brush Fire Engine10/10/2023
Resolution No. 567Adopting the Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plan for 2024 - 202907/25/2023
Resolution No. 566Declaring Special Market Condition05/23/2023
Resolution No. 565Amending Resolution 556 Section 13.04.06004/25/2023
Resolution No. 564Declaring Certain Property Surplus02/14/2023
Resolution No. 563Adopting A Financial Policy02/14/2023
Resolution No. 562Amending Resolution 556 Exhibit B Water Fees01/24/2023
Resolution No. 561Declaration of Emergency for North Bonneville Due to December 23-26, 2022 Snow and Ice Storm12/27/2022
Resolution No. 560Setting Ad Valorem Tax For 202311/22/2022
Resolution No. 559Revising Personnel Policy10/11/2022
Resolution No. 558Adopting Purchasing & Procurement Policy03/22/2022
Resolution No. 557Declaring Special Market Conditions to Purchase 4x4 PU Truck02/22/2022
Resolution No. 556Amending Resolution 543 Exhibits B & C Fees02/08/2022
Resolution No. 555Declaration of Emergency Snow Storm01/11/2022
Resolution No. 554Shoreline Master Program Update11/23/21
Resolution No. 553Setting Ad Valorem Tax 202211/23/21
Resolution No. 552Amending Personnel Policy Manual09/14/21
Resolution No. 551Declaring Certain Property Surplus09/14/21
Resolution No. 550Amending Resolution 546 Exhibit B Water Fees08/10/21
Resolution No. 549Authorizing License Agreement For Soccer Fields07/13/21
Resolution No. 548Amending Resolution 513 Exhibit E Misc. Fees07/13/21
Resolution No. 547Declaring Surplus Property - Ford Brush Hog07/13/21
Resolution No. 546Amending Resolution 543 Exhibit B Water Rates04/13/21
Resolution No. 545Declaration of Emergency - Snow Storm02/23/21
Resolution No. 544Declaring Certain Property Surplus02/09/21
Resolution No. 543Amending Resolutions 537 Exhibit C & 538 Exhibit B02/09/21
Resolution No. 542Setting Ad Valorem Tax 202111/24/20
Resolution No. 541Surplus of City Property09/22/20
Resolution No. 540Amending Resolution 501 Exhibit D Building Permit Fees07/28/20
Resolution No. 539Declaring Surplus Property Misc. Equipment01/28/20
Resolution No. 538Amending Resolutions 537 Exhibits B Water Fees01/28/20
Resolution No. 537Amending Resolutions 528 Exhibits B & C Fees01/14/20
Resolution No. 536Setting Ad Valorem Tax 202011/26/19
Resolution No. 535Reaffirming Acceptance of Fire Equipment Pursuant To Interagency Gifting11/12/19
Resolution No. 534Declaring Surplus Property 1990 Nissan PU Truck09/24/19
Resolution No. 533Declaring Special Market Condition 2005 Chevrolet 3500 4x4 Crew Cab – Flat Bed08/13/19
Resolution No. 532Declaring Special Market Condition To Purchase Used Trucks07/23/19
Resolution No. 531Declaring Surplus Property - Misc. Equipment07/23/19
Resolution No. 530Finding Reason For Termination of NBPDA & Setting Hearing Date07/23/19
Resolution No. 529Declaring Surplus Property - Misc. Equipment07/09/19
Resolution No. 528Amending Resolutions 507 & 523 Sewer Fees & Water Fees07/09/19
Resolution No. 527Ratifying Purchase of a Used Manlift Bucket Truck05/14/19
Resolution No. 526Declaring Special Market Condition Manlift Bucket Truck04/23/19
Resolution No. 525Declaring Surplus Property Miscellaneous Equipment04/23/19
Resolution No. 524Declaration of Emergency Snow Storm02/19/19
Resolution No. 523Amending Resolution 507 Exhibit C Sewer Fees02/19/19
Resolution No. 522Authorizing License Agreement for Ballfields02/19/19
Resolution No. 521Declaring Surplus Property and Miscellaneous Equipment01/22/19
Resolution No. 520Declaring Surplus Property and Miscellaneous Equipment01/08/19
Resolution No. 519Declaring Special Market Condition Fire Truck12/11/18
Resolution No. 518Declaring Surplus Property - Misc. Equipment 11/27/18
Resolution No. 517Amending Adopted Lodging Tax Policies & Procedures 9/11/18
Resolution No. 516Renaiming The Fire Department 8/14/18
Resolution No. 515Amending Resolution 507 Exhibit B Water Fees 7/24/18
Resolution No. 514Declaring Surplus Property - Misc. Equipment 7/24/18
Resolution No. 513Amending Resolutions 501 &  506 Exhibits A & E Fees 7/10/18
Resolution No. 512Approving Interlocal Agreement On PDA Relocation 6/26/18
Resolution No. 511Authorizing Investment of City Money in LGIP 5/22/18
Resolution No. 510Declaring Surplus Property – Misc. Equipment5/8/18
Resolution No. 509Declaring Special Market Conditions Lawn Mower 3/27/18
Resolution No. 508Declaring Special Market Conditions Under RCW 39.04.280 3/13/18
Resolution No. 507Amending Resolution 504 Exhibits B & C 2/17/18
Resolution No. 506Amending Res. 501 Exhibit E Miscellaneous Fees 2/13/18
Resolution No. 505Authorizing Signers On Financial Accounts 1/23/18
Resolution No. 504Amending Resolutions 501 Exhibits B Water Fees and C Sewer Fees 10/24/17
Resolution No. 503Amending Res. 467 Fire Chief Monthly Compensation 1/9/18
Resolution No. 501Amending Resolution 499 Fees 9/26/17
Resolution No. 500Amending the Transportation Improvement Plan for 2018-2023 9/12/17
Resolution No. 499Amending Res. 492 Fees - repeals 429, 445, 448 4/11/17
Resolution No. 498Modify Street Standards For TIB Project 4/11/17
Resolution No. 497Acknowledging the Timing of Council MeetingsFAILED
Resolution No. 496Periodic Review & Findings Of The Resource Lands & Critical Areas Ordinance 3/28/17
Resolution No. 495Declaration of Emergency due to January 17/18 Ice Storm 1/24/17
Resolution No. 494Intent to Annex Unicorporated Skamania County Territory, Description of Area and Setting Public Hearing Date 1/10/17
Resolution No. 493Authorizing Use of Lodging Tax Revenues to Fund Certain City Sponsored Projects 1/10/17
Resolution No. 492Establishing a Land Use Application Fee Schedule and repealing Resolutions 421, 425, 440, 441, and 471 1/10/17
Resolution No. 490Setting the Ad-Valorem Tax for 2017 11/8/16
Resolution No. 489Declaring Special Market Conditions And An Emergency Under RCW 39.04.280(1)(b) 5/19/16
Resolution No. 488Authorizing The Use Of Lodging Tax Revenues To Fund Certain City Sponsored Projects 12/18/15
Resolution No. 487Declaring Special Market Conditions And An Emergency Under RCW 39.04.010 12/16/15
Resolution No. 486Providing For A Declaration of Emergency For City Due To November 17, 2015 Windstorm 12/8/15
Resolution No. 485Setting Ad-Valorem Tax For 2016 11/8/15
Resolution No. 484Affirming Support Of The Federal Fair Housing Act 3/10/15
Resolution No. 483Providing for Interfund Loan 2/24/15
Resolution No. 482Establishing A Code Of Conduct 11/25/14
Resolution No. 481Authorizing Investment Of North Bonneville Monies In The Local Government Investment Pool 10/28/14
Resolution No. 480Adopting A Residential Anti-displacement and Relocation Assistance Plan 10/14/14
Resolution No. 479Adopting Policy Protecting Individuals Engaged In Nonviolent Civil Rights Demonstration 10/14/14
Resolution No. 478Extending Several Interfund Loans 9/18/14
Resolution No. 477Clarifying Purpose & Intent Of The City’s Finance Committee 9/9/14
Resolution No. 476Setting Ad-Valorem Tax For 2015 10/14/14
Resolution No. 475Adopting the 2014 Skamania County Solid & Moderate Risk Waste Management Plan 8/26/14
Resolution No. 474Authorizing Mayor to submit a CDBG Application To WSDOC 5/9/14
Resolution No. 473Adopting Greenhouse Gas Reduction Policy 5/13/14
Resolution No. 472Acceptance of Real Property Gift 3/25/14
Resolution No. 471Establishing Utility Rates, Charges & Fees Schedule 4/8/14
Resolution No. 469Declaring Surplus Property - Misc. Equipment 2/11/14
Resolution No. 468Waiver to allow less frequent bank deposits 1/28/14
Resolution No. 467Increases Fire Chief compensation 1/14/14
Resolution No. 466Authorizing issuing Grant Funds to Public Development Authority 11/19/13
Resolution No. 465Adopting a Capital Facilities Plan 11/26/13
Resolution No. 464Extending interfund loans and creating repayment schedules 10/22/13
Resolution No. 463Amending Adopted Lodging Tax Policies 9/24/13
Resolution No. 462Modifying The Health Care Plan 10/8/13
Resolution No. 461Setting the Ad-valorem tax for 2014 10/22/13
Resolution No. 460Declaring a local economic emergency due to regional transportation system failure 7/23/13
Resolution No. 459Reestablishing the Heritage Trails Plan as the Bigfoot Discovery Trails Plan 6/11/13
Resolution No. 458Adopting financial management policies and procedures 5/14/13
Resolution No. 457Adopting purchasing policies and procedures 4/23/13
Resolution No. 456Supporting Regional Partnership Among The Cities And Columbia River Gorge Commission 4/23/13
Resolution No. 455Declaring surplus property, its value and disposal method 3/26/13
Resolution No. 454Adopting a new water use efficience program 2/26/13
Resolution No. 453Submittiing Formal Comments For Scoping - Coal Trains 1/8/13
Resolution No. 452Amending Personell Policy manual to provide for Volunteer Firefighter pensions 12/11/12
Resolution No. 451Adopting a policy of non-discrimination in community athletics programs 10/9/12
Resolution No. 450Setting the Ad-valorem Tax for 2013 11/13/12
Resolution No. 449Adoption of a new Water System Plan 2/14/13
Resolution No. 448Creating fees for mobile and itinerant vendor licenses 9/26/12
Resolution No. 447Adopting budget policies 7/24/12
Resolution No. 446Adopting policies for accounting, financial reporting, and auditing 7/24/12
Resolution No. 445Creating fees for medical cannabis collective garden safety license application and inspections 7/24/12
Resolution No. 444Declaring surplus property, its value and disposal method 6/26/12
Resolution No. 443Adopting a policy on volunteer services 6/26/12
Resolution No. 441Adopting Building Permit and Inspection Fees 3/27/12
Resolution No. 440Creating a fee for livestock permits 2/28/12
Resolution No. 439Amending 2010 Interfund Loan 1/24/12
Resolution No. 438Amending 2009 Interfund Loan 1/24/12
Resolution No. 437Declaring surplus property, its value and disposal method 1/10/12
Resolution No. 436Amending the Deferred Compensation Plan. 12/13/11
Resolution No. 435Authorizing inter-fund loans and setting repayment schedules. 11/22/11
Resolution No. 434Authorizing refinance of Pierce Fire Truck 11/8/11
Resolution No. 433Providing for the disposal of Lost & Found property. 11/8/11
Resolution No. 432Cable Television Franchise Agreement 11/8/11
Resolution No. 431Setting the Ad-valorem tax for 2012. 11/22/11
Resolution No. 430Lease Agreement for City Cable System, Headend buiding and tower. 11/8/11
Resolution No. 429Creating fee for overnight parking permits in Central Business District. 10/11/11
Resolution No. 428Authorizing the Mayor to apply for financial assistance from the USDA Rural Development Community Facilities Program. 8/23/11
Resolution No. 427Declaring certain property to be surplus. 8/9/11
Resolution No. 426Authorizing the Mayor to apply for and accept state financial assistance and contract for Shoreline Master Plan development. 7/12/11
Resolution No. 425Creates a fee for the reservation of the City Disc Golf Course. 7/12/11
Resolution No. 420Declaring disposal of surplus equipment. 4/26/11
Resolution No. 419Adopting lodging tax policies. 4/26/11
Resolution No. 417Appointing William Nix Municipal Judge. 1/25/11
Resolution No. 414Adopting new personnel policies. 1/25/11
Resolution No. 412Adopting the Skamania County multi-jurisdictional natural hazards mitigation plan. 12/14/10