City Ordinances

City OrdinancesDescription / Link to PDFDate Adopted
Ordinance No. 1156Revising 2022 Budget - Amending Ord. 114212/27/22
Ordinance No. 1155Adopting 2023 Budget11/22/22
Ordinance No. 1154Setting Ad Valorem Tax 202311/22/22
Ordinance No. 1153Amending Chapter 20.57 Livestock Conditional Uses12/27/22
Ordinance No. 1152Amending Title 20 Zoning - Conditional Uses10/11/22
Ordinance No. 1151Amending Title 20 Prohibiting Recreational Marijuana Producers, Processors, and Retail09/13/22
Ordinance No. 1150Amending Medical Marijuana Collective Gardens10/11/22
Ordinance No. 1149Amending Chapter 11.04 Water System Backflow08/23/22
Ordinance No. 1148Amending Chapter 19.12 Boundary Line Adjustment05/10/22
Ordinance No. 1147Amending Chapter 7.08 Uniform Litter Control Code04/26/22
Ordinance No. 1146Amending Chapter 17.56 National Flood Insurance Program03/22/22
Ordinance No. 1145Granting Relief From Utility Charges - Low Income Seniors02/22/22
Ordinance No. 1144Revising 2021 Budget, Amending Ordinance 113012/28/21
Ordinance No. 1143Setting Ad Valorem Tax 202211/23/21
Ordinance No. 1142Adopting 2022 Budget11/23/21
Ordinance No. 1141Amending Municipal Code Chapter 13.04 Water System08/10/21
Ordinance No. 1140Terminating and Dissolving NBPDA07/27/21
Ordinance No. 1139Amending Chapter 20.32 Timber Conservancy Zone05/11/21
Ordinance No. 1138Amending Chapter 6.04 Animal Control04/27/21
Ordinance No. 1137Amending Chapter 6.04 Animal Control04/13/21
Ordinance No. 1136Amending Chapter 9.12 Alcoholic Beverage Control04/13/21
Ordinance No. 1135Amending Chapter 5.06 Mobile and Itinerant Vendors01/26/21
Ordinance No. 1134Amending Chapter 5.05 Medical Cannabis Collective Garden Safety License01/26/21
Ordinance No. 1133Amending Chapter 5.04 Business Licenses and Regulations01/26/21
Ordinance No. 1132Revising 2020 Budget12/22/20
Ordinance No. 1131Amending Ordinance 111512/22/20
Ordinance No. 1130Adopting 2021 Budget11/24/20
Ordinance No. 1129Setting Ad Valorem Tax 202111/24/20
Ordinance No. 1128Amending Chapter 17.04 Construction Codes10/27/20
Ordinance No. 1127Partnership City-Business Licensing Service09/22/20
Ordinance No. 1126Amending Chapter 20.34 MU Zone09/22/20
Ordinance No. 1125Woden Telecommunication System Install and Operation02/25/20
Ordinance No. 1124Amending Chapter 1.05 Mayor & Councilor Compensation01/14/20
Ordinance No. 1123Amending Chapter 2.08 Appointive Offices01/14/20
Ordinance No. 1122Amending Chapter 6.04 Animal Control01/14/20
Ordinance No. 1121Revising 2019 Budget Amending Ordinance No. 110912/10/19
Ordinance No. 1120Setting Ad Valorem Tax 202011/26/19
Ordinance No. 1119Adopting 2020 Budget11/26/19
Ordinance No. 1118Amending Chapter 10.12 Parking10/22/19
Ordinance No. 1117Amending Ord. 1028 PDA Charter10/22/19
Ordinance No. 1116Amending Ord. 1028 Sections 11 & 12 Charter Amendments PDA09/24/19
Ordinance No. 1115License Agreement Gorge Networks, Inc.08/27/19
Ordinance No. 1114Amending Chapter 20 Zoning08/27/19
Ordinance No. 1113Amending Chapter 20 Zoning Definitions08/13/19
Ordinance No. 1112Amending Chapter 10.12 Parking07/09/19
Ordinance No. 1111Amending Chapter 13.04 Water System & Chapter 13.12 Sewer System07/09/19
Ordinance No. 1110Revising 2018 Budget12/11/18
Ordinance No. 1109Adopting 2019 Budget11/27/18
Ordinance No. 1108Amending Chapter 5.04 Business Licenses & Regulations10/23/18
Ordinance No. 1107Increasing Ad Valorem Taxes for 201911/27/18
Ordinance No. 1106Amending Ordinance 983 Increasing Tourism Facility Fund Balance9/11/18
Ordinance No. 1105Amending Chapter 12.12 Amending Pathways - Motorized Vehicles7/24/18
Ordinance No. 1104Amending Chapter 12.14 Signage On City Right Of Ways7/24/18
Ordinance No. 1103Amending Chapter 12.12 Pathways – Motorized Vehicles6/26/18
Ordinance No. 1102Amending Chapter 1.05 Mayor & Councilor Compensation6/26/18
Ordinance No. 1101Amending Chapter 2.08 Appointive Offices6/26/18
Ordinance No. 1100Amending Chapter 8.20 Nuisances6/12/18
Ordinance No. 1099Amending Chapter 3.12 Utilities Tax5/8/18
Ordinance No. 1098Amending Comprehensive Land Use Plan6/12/18
Ordinance No. 1097Amending Chapter 3.16 Water & Sewer Funds4/24/18
Ordinance No. 1096Amending Ordinance 1028 PDA Number of Board Members4/24/18
Ordinance No. 1095Amending Chapter 13.04 Water System3/27/18
Ordinance No. 1094Amending Chapter 8.20 Nuisances3/13/18
Ordinance No. 1093Adopting Chapter 10.16 Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicles3/13/18
Ordinance No. 1092Amending Chapters 13.04 Water System & 13.12 Sewer System2/27/18
Ordinance No. 1091Amending Chapters 5.04, 6.04, 8.32, 12.12 Relating to Fees Set By Resolution2/13/18
Ordinance No. 1090Amending Chapter 1.05 Mayor & Councilor Compensation1/9/18
Ordinance No. 1089Amending Chapter 2.08 Appointive Offices1/9/18
Ordinance No. 1088Amending Chapter 10.12 Parking12/12/17
Ordinance No. 1087Revising 2017 Budget – Amending Ord. 107310/24/17
Ordinance No. 1086Amending Chapter 8.32 Outdoor Burning10/24/17
Ordinance No. 1085Ord. 1085 Amending 12.24.120 Street Ends9/26/17
Ordinance No. 1084Adopting 2018 Budget12/12/17
Ordinance No. 1083Amending Chapters 13.04 Water System & 13.12 Sewer System10/24/17
Ordinance No. 1082Setting Ad-Valorem Tax For 201811/14/17
Ordinance No. 1081Amending Chapter 8.16 Grass and Weeds7/25/17
Ordinance No. 1080Amending Fireworks Municipal Code 9.20.020 Dates and Times6/27/17
Ordinance No. 1079Amending comprehensive Plan and Zoning Maps - 510, 580, 610 East Cascade Dr. Adopted 5/9/17
Ordinance No. 1078Amending Chapter 20.56 Conditional Uses2/28/17
Ordinance No. 1077Annexing 6.26 Acres Located At 510, 580, 610 East Cascade Drive1/24/17
Ordinance No. 1076Relating To The North Bonneville Public Development Authority2/28/17
Ordinance No. 1075Amending Title 18 Administration of Land Development Regulations1/10/17
Ordinance No. 1074Amending Ordinance 1063, Revising the 2016 Budget11/22/16
Ordinance No. 1073Adopting the Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 201712/14/16
Ordinance No. 1071Amending Chapter 3.12 Utility Tax Rate On City Owned Utilities10/11/16
Ordinance No. 1070Amending Chapter 2.24 Volunteer Fire Department10/11/16
Ordinance No. 1069Adopting Complete Streets Policy9/27/16
Ordinance No. 1068Amending Chapter 13.12 Sewer System9/13/16
Ordinance No. 1067Amending Chapter 13.04 Water System9/13/16
Ordinance No. 1066Amending Chapter 17.04 Construction Codes4/26/16
Ordinance No. 1065Amending Chapter 5.06 Mobile-Itinerant Vendors3/8/16
Ordinance No. 1064Amending Chapter 17.20 Site & Building Plan Review1/26/16
Ordinance No. 1063Revising 2016 Budget – Amending Ord. 105812/8/15
Ordinance No. 1062Revising 2015 Budget – Amending Ord. 104312/8/15
Ordinance No. 1061Adopting Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)12/8/15
Ordinance No. 1060Amending Chapter 2.08 Creating The Positions of Clerk and Administrator/Treasurer11/24/15
Ordinance No. 1059Amending Chapter 3.12 Utility Tax Rate On City Owned Utilities11/6/15
Ordinance No. 1058Adopting 2016 Budget11/24/15
Ordinance No. 1057Amending Title 20 Zoning11/24/15
Ordinance No. 1056Amending Chapter 13.12 Sewer System10/27/15
Ordinance No. 1055Amending Chapter 13.04 Water System10/27/15
Ordinance No. 1054Creating Section 1.05 Mayor and Councilor Compensation9/22/15
Ordinance No. 1053Amending Title 20 - Zoning8/25/15
Ordinance No. 1052Adopting Chapter 12.30 Street Addressing6/23/15
Ordinance No. 1051Adopting Section 18.01.400 Hearing Examiner4/14/15
Ordinance No. 1050Revising 2014 Budget - Amending Ordinance 10472/24/15
Ordinance No. 1049Adopting Chapter 10.12 Parking2/10/15
Ordinance No. 1048Amending Chapter 18.01 Land Development Administrative Procedures2/10/15
Ordinance No. 1047Revising 2014 Budger - Amending Ordinance 10451/27/15
Ordinance No. 1046Amending Chapter. 21.10 Resource Lands and Critical Areas Protection1/13/15
Ordinance No. 1045Revising 2014 Budget – Amending Ordinance 104412/9/14
Ordinance No. 1044Revising 2014 Budget – Amending Ordinance 102611/11/14
Ordinance No. 1043Adopting 2015 Budget12/9/14
Ordinance No. 1042Amending Chapter. 3.12 Increasing Utility Tax Rate on City Owned Utilities10/28/14
Ordinance No. 1041Amending Ordinance 1028 PDA Charter7/24/14
Ordinance No. 1040Amending Title 12 – Overnight Parking7/22/14
Ordinance No. 1039Amends Municipal Code 20 Zoning5/13/14
Ordinance No. 1038Amends Ordinance 1033 Interfund Loans & Repayment3/25/14
Ordinance No. 1037Amends Chapters 13.12, 13.20, 13.28, 13.32, 13.364/8/14
Ordinance No. 1036Amends Chapter 13 Water System4/8/14
Ordinance No. 1035Amends Title 13 Water Rates2/25/14
Ordinance No. 1034Amends Title 13 Sewer Rates2/25/14
Ordinance No. 1033Interfund Loan - Water & Sewer Funds2/11/14
Ordinance No. 1032Revising the 2013 Budget2/11/14
Ordinance No. 1031Amending Ordinance 1024 Cash Drawer Operations1/14/14
Ordinance No. 1030Amending Ordinance 1023 Discounts for Cash Payments12/10/13
Ordinance No. 1029Providing for the Appointment of Skamania County District Judge1/26/13
Ordinance No. 1028Creates North Bonneville Public Development Authority11/12/13
Ordinance No. 1027Revising the 2013 Budget, Amending Ordinance 101711/26/13
Ordinance No. 1026Adopting the Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 201412/10/13
Ordinance No. 1025Amending Municipal Code 17 Regarding Construction Codes9/24/13
Ordinance No. 1024Rescinding Petty Cash Fund and Establishing Cash Drawers7/9/13
Ordinance No. 1023Amending Water and Sewer Rates and Discounts7/9/13
Ordinance No. 1022Providing for One-Time Adjustments to Sewer Bills6/11/13
Ordinance No. 1021Amending the Comprehensive Plan3/26/13
Ordinance No. 1020Amending Municipal Code 12.14 Policial Signs on City Right of Ways2/14/13
Ordinance No. 1018Revising the 2013 Budget, Amending Ordinances 999, 1008, and 10131/8/13
Ordinance No. 1017Adopting the Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 201312/18/12
Ordinance No. 1016Amending Municipal Code Title 2 regarding Utility Tax Rates11/13/12
Ordinance No. 1015Amending Municipal Code Title 13 regarding Water and Sewer Base Rates11/9/12
Ordinance No. 1014Amending Municiple Code Title 13 regarding Water Deposits10/23/12
Ordinance No. 1013Year End Budget Adjustments11/13/12
Ordinance No. 1012Creating Fund 106 - Skate Park9/26/12
Ordinance No. 1011Mobile and Itinerant Vendors9/26/12
Ordinance No. 1010Amending Medical Cannibus Collective Gardens8/14/12
Ordinance No. 1009Medical Cannibus Collective Gardens7/24/12
Ordinance No. 10082012 Mid-Year Budget Adjustments6/26/12
Ordinance No. 1007Marijuana Moratorium2/13/12
Ordinance No. 1006Order of Business, changing the due dates of agenda and agenda items1/24/12
Ordinance No. 1005Claims Payments2/13/12
Ordinance No. 1004Utility Billing2/13/12
Ordinance No. 1003Closing Sewer Treatment Plant Construction Fund #31012/13/11
Ordinance No. 1002Closing Cascade Drive Fund #30012/13/11
Ordinance No. 1001Extending maturation of the March 2011 interfund loan11/22/11
Ordinance No. 1000Revising 2011 Budget, Amending Ordinance No. 975, 989 and 99611/22/11
Ordinance No. 999Adopting the annual budget for fiscal year 201211/22/11
Ordinance No. 998Amending Municipal Code Title 3, increasing utility tax rate11/22/11
Ordinance No. 997Overnight Camping9/27/11
Ordinance No. 996Revising the 2011 Budget, amending Ordinance No. 975 and 98911/22/11
Ordinance No. 995Overnight Parking10/11/11
Ordinance No. 994Livestock Regulations11/22/11
Ordinance No. 993Closing the Cable TV System.8/23/11
Ordinance No. 992Amending Municipal Code Title 13.8/23/11
Ordinance No. 991Prohibiting the growing production, processing or dispensing of marijuana.8/9/11
Ordinance No. 990Relating the the acceptance of donations to the city.6/28/11
Ordinance No. 989Revising the 2011 Budget, amending Ordinance No. 975.6/28/11
Ordinance No. 984Authorizing inter-fund loan for sewer treatment plant expenditures.3/8/11
Ordinance No. 983Authorizing creation of Tourist Facility Fund.3/8/11
Ordinance No. 982Amending Municipal Codes regarding utility billing dates.3/8/11
Ordinance No. 980Authorizing the payment of claims and other obligations by check.1/25/11
Ordinance No. 979Amending Sewer Rates.2/22/11
Ordinance No. 978Creating the position of Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer and amending Municipal Code 2.08.1/11/11
Ordinance No. 977Relating to personnel policy, amending Municipal Code Title 2; limiting on-call schedule.12/14/10
Ordinance No. 976Amending Municipal Code Title 2; removing personnel policies and enabling their adoption and amendment by resolution.1/25/11
Ordinance No. 975An Ordinance adopting the 2011 budget.12/14/10
Ordinance No. 974Amending the 2010 budget.12/14/10
Ordinance No. 973Amending North Bonneville Municipal Code 17.04 Construction Codes.12/14/10
Ordinance No. 972Amending North Bonneville Municipal Code Title 4 Small Works Roster by amending sections 4.04.020, 4.04.020 and
Ordinance No. 971Amending North Bonneville Municipal Code 13.04.060 Rate Schecule; setting new water rates and changing the collection schedule for all utilities.11/9/10
Ordinance No. 970Amending North Bonneville Municipal Code 20.36.040 Industrial/Business Park; setting property development standards.12/14/10
Ordinance No. 969Failed
Ordinance No. 968Amending Chapter 12.12 Pathways - Motorized Vehicles by revising Sections 12.12.030, 12.12.040 and
Ordinance No. 967An Ordinance adopting new construction codes and repealing Chapter 17.04 of the North Bonneville Municipal Code.7/27/10
Ordinance No. 966Relating to Budgets and Finance, revising the 2010 budget, amending Section 2 or Ordinance No. 959.7/27/10
Ordinance No. 965Amending North Bonneville Municipal Code Title 2; providing for the Clerk/Treasure position.7/13/10
Ordinance No. 964Amending North Bonneville Municipal Code Title 2; providing for exempt employee classifications.7/13/10
Ordinance No. 962Amending Ordinance No. 947 and therefore amending the Budget of 2010.1/26/10
Ordinance No. 961Amending Ordinance No. 947 and therefore amending the Budget of 2009.1/12/10