City Government

North Bonneville operates under the Strong Mayor form of Mayor-Council government. The Mayor is responsible to the residents for implementing city council’s policies and for the overall management and administration of the city. The mayor supervises all city staff.


City Council
The North Bonneville city council consists of five members and is responsible to the residents of North Bonneville for broad policy direction, city legislation, and governance of the community. The councilors are elected at large, which means that each councilor represents all residents rather than those in a particular area of the city. Councilors represent the community on various boards and committees, and receive no pay or benefits. The North Bonneville City Council meets twice monthly; on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.


Brian Sabo
Elected November 2017
4 year term expires December 31, 2021
Phone: 509-427-8182

City Staff

Deanna Syron
North Bonneville CAO, Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: 509-427-8182


Tom Jermann
Planning Advisor

Public Works

Bryan Henrichsen
Public Works Supervisor


Chris Allinger
Utility Operator


Jennifer Black
Utility Operator



Small Works Roster

The City of North Bonneville maintains a small works roster for bidding many small public works and consulting projects. The Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington (MRSC) manages our small works roster for us. Please use this link to add yourself to our roster.

City Council Position #1

Terry Norris
Elected November 2017
4 Year Term Expires December 31, 2021
Phone: 509-427-5950

City Council Position #2

Travis Randall
Elected December, 2017
4 year term expires December 31, 2021

City Council Position #3

Margie Lee
Elected November 2019
4 year term expires December 31, 2023
Phone: 509-427-4669

City Council Position #4

John Acton
Elected November 2019
4 year term expires December 31, 2023

City Council Position #5

Richard Hall
Appointed August 2020
Term expires December 31, 2021