Bonneville Trails Foundation




Since I’m sure you all are losing sleep wondering what’s been happening with the Bonneville Trails Foundation (BTF) of late, just thought I’d provide a quick update…


1) Are you still around? 

Yes.. we haven’t gone anywhere. In fact, BTF recently achieved 501c3 status which will allow official donation efforts for projects we are involved with. 


2) What’s the purpose of the BTF, again?

To promote and manage projects that contribute to creation of an outdoor recreational and educational hub in North Bonneville WA.


3) What are your projects again and what’s the latest? 

Our commitment and focus remain on two large scale projects introduced in 2017: A connection trail from Bonneville City Center to the PCT and transformation of the outdated Bonneville playground to a unique interactive tree fort Adventure Park. 

Both remain in the planning and permitting process, which requires continued behind the scenes work. 


4) Why no public meetings of late? 

We were grateful and humbled by the attendance and support in our initial public meetings. This allowed for a great launch of the two major projects of which that momentum is still being used on current work. But put simply, the choice was made to not waist your time on continued public meetings until progress passed the permitting phase was made. Otherwise, a rehash of old info would be all that dominated the meetings.  This phase (especially concerning Adventure Park) was initially planned to be only a few months, but just like many complex projects, both have obviously demanded longer time-frames. However, we are optimistic on a major update to at least one of these projects soon (hint…Adventure Park) which will mean a likely reopening of public meetings. Stay tuned to website and especially Facebook page for latest announcements. 


​Just want express our continued gratefulness and appreciation for all of your support. Questions, comments, please e-mail or call anytime. We look forward to seeing you again soon,


Jacob Meyer

Bonneville Trails Foundation