January 2013

We’ve made it to another new year, and I’m excited about some of the possibilities we have facing us in 2013.

As Mayor Stevens mentioned in his January post, we’ve hired Jim Runkles to partially fill the Deputy Clerk position, and I anticipate hiring another person very soon. Finally bringing city hall back to full staffing will help us be more responsive to both citizens and our city council, and I hope to be able to concentrate more on some of our big projects.

I anticipate bringing the final Water System Plan before council on the 22nd for passage, which is the first step in our process toward drilling a second well and (if we can afford it) replacing a main transmission pipe. These are both important projects for the safety of our water supply.

The Council budgeted $20,000 to fix the root heaves and other trip hazards on our pathways. We will tackle that project this summer when the weather dries up!

I’m also looking forward to the second year of our Community Garden. Depending on fundraising efforts, I hope to see a gazebo installed and continued beautification. We have a very active group of volunteers on this project, with people making new friends while growing good food. The first meeting of the year will be February 20th at 7:00 PM at Hamilton Park. Contact Darlene Mills (427-8712) if you are interested in renting a garden plot.

Speaking of gazebos, we are looking forward to improving the disc golf course with a small gazebo in front of hole #1, near city hall. While the intent is to build on our successful tourism efforts, the structure will also be available for general citizen’s use.

I am hopeful that the city is turning a corner, and lots more good things will come!