January 2013

The New Year has begun with a number of changes for our city and some pretty wild weather. We went from rain to snow to ice and back again, said goodbye to a member of our City Hall staff and one of our City Councilors and launched our new web site.

After two and a half years as our Deputy Clerk, Jennifer Lindsay has moved on to pursue a new career. I’d like to thank Jennifer for helping us review and improve many of the services we provide and for her calming influence in City Hall. We wish her all the best in her new calling. Not that we can replace Jennifer, but we have hired Jim Runkles (former council member) as a part-time temp Deputy Clerk to help fill her position.

The recent resignation of Rick Lowarence leaves Council position #2 open and we are gladly accepting applications to fill the remainder of the position’s term, which runs through the end of this year. It requires a serious commitment of both time and effort to serve on the council and it’s not always easy, but it can also be very rewarding to give something back to our community. The City Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.

As long as I’m in recruiting mode, our Planning Commission is still running with only three of five positions filled and is looking to add two new members and a couple of alternates. The Planning Commission meets on the first and third Tuesdays every month and deals with many topics that ultimately impact our city in numerous ways. For more information or to submit your application please contact us at City Hall.

Our city web site has been upgraded to improve the way we edit and maintain the content as well as making it easier to find what you’re looking for. As with most web sites, it will remain a work in progress so please let us know what you like about it and what you’d like to see improved. Feedback is vital to our ability to do our jobs correctly so don’t be shy.

As always, I am happy to address your questions, comments and concerns regarding all aspects of our community. You can reach me by don [at] northbonneville.net (subject: A%20Messge%20from%20NorthBonneville.net) (email) and at City Hall (427-8182). I’m not always in my office, but I will get back to you as quickly as possible.