Administrator Report 12/11/12

Public Works

  • Working with pump manufacturers and city engineer to scope a potential overhaul of one or more lift stations.
  • We had a couple of telemetry failures over the weekend, cost the city several hundred dollars in staff over-time and emergency callout for an electrician.
  • We received the Dept. of Health’s comments on our water system plan late last week (along with an unexpected bill for their service) – they are asking for some additional information that will take time – we now anticipate having a final version for council’s consideration in January.
  • In response to a question about water usage at the sewer plant, Bryan informs me that we use a lot of water cleaning the plant (clarifiers, UV system, etc). In particular, there is a spray-bar that operates almost continuously that helps keep the clarifiers clean.


  • Dave is busy following up on building permit issues.
  • Issued a permit to rebuild the duplex that burned down


  • Judge Nix, the Prosecutor’s office, Jennifer and I put in extra time looking into a potential jury trial (the first in many years), but the case was finally dismissed.
  • Judge Nix will be taking vacation in January/February; he has named Brad Anderson as interim judge.


  • Tom’s principally working on Shoreline Master Plan – Visioning and Goals.
  • Fielding various development inquiries
  • Assisting the Planning Commission


  • Refinancing the fire truck is proving difficult – the EDC declined to do so since it is not directly an economic development issue, the bank’s rates are too high to be worthwhile, and the financing company is only interested in extending a couple years. I will seek other options.
  • The Turkey Bingo did not raise much money for the effort that went into it. JB is considering discontinuing this fundraiser.


  • Preparing for the 3rd round of negotiations (date undetermined).
  • Working on grievance resolutions.
  • Developed new job descriptions for the anticipated new ½ - time positions and requested concurrence from the union.
  • Worked with attorneys to respond to the council’s vote to retroactively reduce the Deputy Clerk’s benefits.
  • Advertising for the deputy clerk, secretary and utilities operator positions.

Planning Commission

  • Planning Commission is addressing the following issues:
    1. Temporary sign code.
    2. Creating of permanent tourism (bigfoot/heritage trails) signage at the entrance to the city.
    3. Replacing faded Heritage Trail signs
  • Planning commission is working on a large update of the Heritage Trails plan, which will incorporate discussion of the Big Foot Trails and the Towns-to-Trails plan elements. Currently, the plan is appended to the city’s comprehensive plan. To make it easier to keep the Heritage Trails plan current, they intend to remove it from the comprehensive plan.
  • They are in need of two planning commissioners and two alternates.
  • They discussed the idea of creating a separate Heritage Trails committee, and are generally supportive of the idea, assuming the following concerns are met:
    1. They would like to see an actual group of volunteers express interest in joining such a committee before it is formed – they fear forming the committee and having the Heritage Trails project lose steam for lack of volunteer support.
    2. Only two current planning members could reasonably join the committee for fear of creating a planning commission quorum outside regular meetings.
    3. They fear that a separate volunteer committee would be less transparent and open for criticism since it would be less formal and would not necessarily be subject to the Open Public Meeting Act.

Finance / Administration

  • My “spare time” these days has been pretty much dedicated to the 2013 budget.
  • Bob Bianchi is reviewing and rewriting our Emergency Management Plan, which was last updated in 2012.
  • The finding and management letter are going through the review process which is taking longer than we had expected.
  • I am attaching a copy of the most recent AWC tax and fee survey – it may provide some perspective on North Bonneville’s various rates.
  • I misestimated some final fund expenses (I forgot to account for interfund transfers) and we may go over budget. If so, we will need to do one last end-of-year set of budget adjustments in January.

Sheriff / EDC / Chamber / Community Garden

  • Responded to an animal complaint and ended up taking a pit bull and pups to the vet, cost to city was $555.
  • EDC report attached.