October 2012

After receiving a number of complaints on garbage and loud music, I recently called the sheriff’s office and asked them to step-up patrols in the Yehuh neighborhood. They were glad to help out. Their one request is that if you have a complaint or concern – be it a loud party, suspicious activity or speeding – please call them directly at 427-9490.

We recently lost our court-appointed defense attorney due to new regulations from Olympia, and we’re having trouble finding a replacement. If you or someone you know is working through our court system, please be aware that we are likely to change the schedule over the coming months to accommodate the schedule of our new defense attorney.

It may only be exciting to a bureaucrat like me, but I’m real happy to announce that we are finally receiving new utility billing software. This replaces our old system that dates back to 1993 and will allow better reporting, auditing and tracking of utility bills. Also, it is the first step of enabling us to begin accepting credit card payments (though this is still a ways out).

You may have noticed new street centerlines and crosswalks throughout town. This was done through a $4,000 contract with the Washington Dept. of Transportation. While this is a great deal (it would have cost much more to do it ourselves), and the work needed to be done as a safety precaution, the street fund is out of money. Patching pot holes, plowing snow, sweeping streets will be restricted for the rest of the year.

Welcome Nellie’s Pies! When the business owners asked the city if there was a way for them to set up a temporary business down-town, your city council found a way to make it happen. While we would rather see them in a brick-and-mortar building, we are excited about the new service and are happy to help a new business get started! Please drop by the lot beside the post office in the mornings starting October 8 for a donut or treat!

Speaking of new businesses downtown, are you aware that Sweet Ricky’s (beside the old pizza place) has re-opened as a pub with beer, wine and snacks? Stop in and have a cold one!