September 2012

September is here which means school is back in session. While some of us are happier about that than others, one thing we can all agree on is the need to be extra careful driving around town now that kids are waiting for school buses in the morning and walking home in the afternoons. Please be extra careful as you approach bus stops and watch for pedestrians as your navigate our city streets.
I’d like to offer a quick note of thanks to Tim “TR” Dudley for his service on our City Council. His willingness to commit the time and energy required to serve our city has benefited us all. The good news is his restaurant, Big T’s, is doing so well he can barely keep up. The bad news is he has made the difficult decision to step down from the Council in order to focus his energy on his booming business. Tim’s resignation means we have an unfilled Council seat and I’d like to welcome any and everyone who feels they can contribute to our community’s fiscal and political health to consider applying. Serving on our City Council demands a serious commitment but the rewards are worth the effort. If you’re interested or would like more information you can contact us at City Hall or ask a current or former Council Member about their experiences. My time on our City Council was my first foray into the world of politics and although it’s not always fun, I can tell you it’s fulfilling and educational.
As always, your input and ideas regarding our city are welcome. You can reach me at 427-8182 or via email.