November 2012

As we move closer to the holiday season I’d like to welcome two new employees to our Public Works department. Gary Bridgewater and Russell Watts came on board in mid-October and are working with Bryan to get up to speed on the many systems and areas they support to keep all of us safe and happy.

In keeping with the holiday spirit, I’d like to encourage all my fellow North Bonneville residents to participate with me in an ongoing gift idea that doesn’t cost anything but will make a big difference in our city. It’s a simple idea but one that some of us will have to work a little to keep in mind, at least at the start. I’m talking about flushing only appropriate materials into our sewer system.

While our main wastewater treatment plant is all new and improved, the pump stations that move wastewater through the system have not been upgraded and are the weak link in the system. These pump stations primarily pump or “lift” the wastewater up to a higher elevation so gravity can help move it to the main processing plant.

The stations are not designed to handle many of the items that are marketed as “flushable” these days and don’t have the same capacity found in newer systems. This means many of the items that are advertised as “flushable” jam our pumps, often resulting over-time hours for our Public Works crew. Those extra hours of over-time result in higher sewer rates for all of us! Please think before flushing feminine hygiene products, “disposable” diapers, baby wipes and other large items. Throwing them into the trash can save our Public Works crew literally hours of time unplugging jammed pumps and help prevent potential overflows from pump blockages. I’m sure we all agree the last thing we want is raw sewage overflowing into our city streets, so please join me in not putting any of these things down the drain.

As always, I am happy to address your questions, comments ands concerns regarding all aspects of our community. You can reach me by don [at] ?">email and the phone number here at City Hall is 427-8182. I’m not always in my office but I will get back to you as quickly as possible.