Administrator Report 11/13/12

Public Works

  • Jeff Denny started on October 1st and quit on October 9th. He has been replaced by Russ Watts, a temporary worker who holds a level three certification. We only required a level 1, so his extra expertise will come in handy!
  • Jim quit on October 24th, and I hired Gary Bridgewater to take his place. Gary is learning quickly and shows great promise to be a stellar employee!
  • Bryan has been working with a contractor to look for leaks in our water system, but delays have pushed this project farther out. In 2011 our system records should a leakage rate of 37% -- the goal is about 10%.
  • We are still working with Riverside Electric to install 240-Volt service to the gazebo for use in future concerts/events.
  • Thanks to our public works crew for handling traffic control at the house fire!
  • We purchased new portable pumps for both Water and Sewer – I originally estimated $7,000 but the bill came in just over $3,000.


  • Dave is busy following up on building permit issues.
  • Dave followed up on the fire on Columbia as our fire marshal.
  • Continuing to work on issues with the Hot Springs facility.


  • The Department of Ecology has accepted the latest Inventory and Characterization Report as a final document.
  • Tom’s principally working on Shoreline Master Plan – Visioning and Goals.
  • Fielding various development inquiries
  • Assisting the Planning Commission


  • On 10/25 the duplex at 410 Columbia caught fire. Thanks to Skamania and Stevenson fire districts who were able to get to the scene and keep the fire fromspreading to neighboring properties!


  • Preparing for the 3rd round of negotiations (date undetermined).
  • Working on grievance resolutions.
  • I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time hiring new staff – searching, interviewing, and setting up personnel documents and files.
  • I also spent considerable time on other personnel matters.

Planning Commission

  • Planning Commission is addressing the following issues:
    1.  Temporary sign code.
    2. Creating of permanent tourism (bigfoot/heritage trails) signage at the entrance to the city.
    3. Replacing faded Heritage Trail signs
  • Planning commission is working on a large update of the Heritage Trails plan. This will incorporate the Towns-to-Trails plan elements.
  • They are in need of two planning commissioners and two alternates.

Finance / Administration

  • I’ve spent a lot of time working with the Auditor, answering final questions and responding to requests for documents and information.
  • My “spare time” these days is pretty much dedicated to the 2013 budget.
  • Bob Bianchi is reviewing and rewriting our Emergency Management Plan, which was last updated in 2012.
  • “Pink in the Gorge” walk was a success, and they intend to do it again next year (see thank you letter attached).
  • Working with the EDC and Jim Runkles to apply for grants for the new well.

Sheriff / EDC / Chamber / Community Garden

  • In October, Sheriff Deputies logged 118.25 hours and 708 miles within the city. This is less activity than normal – the sheriff’s office is down five positions right now, and have another taking a medical leave in late November. They’re doing the best they can with a skeleton crew!