From the Mayor's Desk - February 2017

As we head into February we find ourselves cleaning up after one of the worst ice storms in recent memory. The wind storm that hit our area in November of 2015 resulted in more fallen trees but the overall amount of wood on the ground appears to be even larger this time around.

Many of you have already been involved in the cleanup process, both on your own property and in our park and open space areas, and I am again heartened to see your level of commitment to our community.
There was a disc golf tournament scheduled for Sunday, February 19th, but it had to be cancelled due to all the fallen branches throughout our park area. When the tournament participants were notified about the cancellation they responded by asking us if they could still show up on the 19th and help cleanup instead. We gladly accepted their request and I want to take it another step further by inviting any interested North Bonneville residents to join us at City Hall at 9am on the 19th for a day of working together to get our park area back in shape.

 We will have volunteer waiver forms at City Hall for everyone to sign prior to getting out there and will welcome any and all individuals who want to give back to our city to come take part. Details are still in the works but we expect food and beverages to be part of the day’s plan and are looking forward to a fun filled and fulfilling day of community action.
 If you have chainsaws or other power equipment you would like to bring along we will be able to find good uses for them, but please coordinate with us before firing them up. We want everyone to be safe and will need to make sure we focus our energies to get the most from our efforts.
 As always, if you have any comments, suggestions or Valentine’s Day chocolates you’re trying to unload, please contact me here at City Hall at 427-8182 or by don [at] (subject: A%20message%20from%20North%20Bonneville%20website) (email.)