Community Fire Ratings

The Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau (WSRB) has completed its evaluation of the fire protection capabilities of the City of North Bonneville as it relates to our fire insurance rating. We're pleased to know that the Protection Classification for North Bonneville remains a Protection Class 5.

Protection Class 5 is the highest city rating possible to obtain with a volunteer fire department and one which North Bonneville consistently carries. This rating status means great insurance rates for the community and particularly the business community. The rating procedure conducted by an independent agency takes into consideration the whole system relating to fire flows, hydrants, planning and city codes, building department, fire department, fire marshal, equipment, fire response, training, and much more.

Maintaining this rating requires a real team effort by all the city departments, but the official report (which you can view here) singles out Steve Hasson, Richard Lafayette, and Tom Jermann for their efforts and cooperation during the evaluation process. Of course, our volunteer fire department deserves credit for their continued tireless and dedicated service to our community.

This Protection Class 5 rating applies to dwellings and commercial properties located within five road miles of the fire station and with fire hydrant distribution and water supply. Individual dwelling and commercial properties outside of this zone may obtain thier specific Protection Class rating by contacting WSRD at (206) 217-0101 or by customerservice [at]  (email, Message from ).