From the Mayor's Desk - January 2016

 As we start the New Year we often try to come up with a resolution or two to improve our lives or the lives of those in our circle of family and friends. Sometimes we are able to stick to our resolutions and realize some positive results, but other times we give it a try for a few weeks or a month before giving up so we can deal with all the duties and responsibilities in our lives and consider ourselves fortunate to just be here. If you are working to stay true to your resolution, I wish you all the best and hope you are successful in your endeavors.

In addition to the ubiquitous New Year’s resolutions, the start of a new year is also the appropriate time to renew our dog and business licenses, golf cart tags and any other items on our annual tick lists. Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to set up Auto Pay for your utility bills. Just call or come in to City Hall and we can help you with that.

We’re also into the snowy season which prompts me to remind everyone that our kids are still going to school in the dark, only now the streets can be a little more challenging to navigate, so please use caution and watch for fast moving children. I remember when I was fast, but it’s been a while and I digress.

Our Public Works crew is still working to clean up the down trees, including some recent additions, and would appreciate any help they can get. All the fallen trees that have been cut up and stacked along our streets are fair game for anyone interested in claiming them for firewood. You can cut it, take it home and either burn it yourself, sell it to someone else or even donate some to a person or family you know could use it. That’s how a community works and I know from the stories I hear that our city has a lot of good people in it who look out for one another. Thank you for all you do, especially when no one is watching.

As always, we want to hear from you on how we’re doing and what we can do to improve. You can don [at] (subject: A%20message%20from%20North%20Bonneville%20website) (email) me or call 427-8182.