From the Mayor's Desk - March 2014

I should have known better than to mention how relatively mild the winter had been in last month’s newsletter. We barely had time to print them up before we got hit with freezing cold and snow. Lesson learned, I promise not to talk about how nice the weather is again. Well, I promise to try anyway.

Our Public Works crew did a great job keeping our streets clear and maintaining our sewer and storm water systems throughout the snow and, even more impressively, during the thawing process which sends extremely large amounts of water into both systems. Several citizens came forward during the Public Comment portion of our last couple of City Council meetings to express their gratitude for the extra effort Richard, Bryan, Gary and Ray all put forth.

On the subject of Public Works, I owe them an apology for not catching a spelling error in last month’s newsletter. I left out a letter that unfortunately resulted in another legitimate word that made it by my spell checker but was definitely not the word I intended to type. My apologies go out to the crew and any readers who noticed the mistake.

The City Hall staff is working on improvements to our utility bills and we hope to have them in place by the next mailing in April. These changes will provide more details on how much water each account uses and how the different billing components come together to come up with the total billing amount. Please let us know if you view the new format as an improvement and what other changes you’d like to see. We can’t guarantee we’ll be able to implement them all but we will do our best to make the bills more readable and useful for us all.

If you have questions or comments about this or anything else regarding our city you can reach me
at 427-8182 or or via don [at] (subject: A%20message%20from%20North%20Bonneville%20website) (email).