City Administrator’s Notes - March 2014

We are currently working very diligently to find a way to improve our sewer infrastructure. Three of our lift stations are over 30 years old and need to be replaced or refurbished. Our estimated cost to accomplish this is $600,000.

We are seeking a grant through the Community Development Block Grant for $450,000 and a low interest loan spread over a 15 year period for $150,000. This would allow us to replace Lift Stations #2 and #3 in their entirety and refurbish Lift Station #4.

In addition to addressing the physical portion of our sewer system, we are also working on the administrative portion. Our sewer and water policies are also over 39 years old and are out of date. By bringing these policies into the 21st Century, we will be better able to demonstrate to you the customer just how your water and sewer bills are calculated, and in addition allow us to do a better job of collecting the funds necessary to keep the system operational.

Should you have any questions concerning these issues, feel free to stop in City Hall and visit with me.