From the Mayor's Desk - October 2013

Fall has most certainly arrived. As I sit typing these words, Gary, Bryan and Richard are removing a fallen tree blocking Garrison Drive just west of Pioneer. A second, smaller tree fell just southwest of the big one but fortunately didn’t hit anyone or any streets, cars or buildings. Thanks go to our Public Works crew for working in the pouring rain to keep our streets open and safe.

Hopefully, we won’t see any more trees go down around town but please help us watch for increased leaning in any trees in your neighborhood as well as cracked soil and exposed roots around the base of the trees which may indicate they have recently begun to lean.

Another thing to think about as we head into the final quarter of 2013 is renewing any dog licenses, golf cart permits and/or business licenses you’ll need in 2014. They are all good for one calendar year and expire on December 31st which means you can pay for them any time between now and the end of this year and you’ll be covered for all of 2014.

One area we are going to be focusing on more is dogs in North Bonneville. We are receiving more complaints about dogs running loose and licenses will help us reunite impounded dogs with their owners. The cost to license a dog is $10 per year for un-neutered or un-spayed dogs and only $3 for dogs who are neutered or spayed. Licenses for dog owners who are 65 years of age or older is $1. The penalty for owning an unlicensed dog is a fine of not less than $25 and not more than $100 which makes the cost of a license a wise investment as well as a civic duty.

For the rest of this year, if you have a dog that is currently unlicensed you can come to City Hall and pay for a 2014 license that will also cover the remainder of this year.

If you own a dog and do not have a fenced yard or enclosed dog run it is your responsibility to ensure your dog is leashed or otherwise restrained so as to prevent the dog from leaving your property. If a dog found to be running loose it will be subject to impoundment and the owner will have to pay a $45 fee to get the dog back. If an impounded dog is not claimed within 3 days of being impounded the city may transport the dog to an animal shelter and the owner will have to go through the shelter’s claiming process in order to retrieve their dog.

We share our home with 2 dogs and I do not want to see any fellow dog owners incur any of these punitive damages but we must remember our rights only extend to the point they impact someone else’s and recognize it is up to us as dog owners to meet all the responsibilities that come with sharing our lives with our canine companions