Administrator Report 8/27/13

  • The State Auditor’s office will initiate our annual audit starting September 3, 2013.
  • The City received three [3] proposals for use of hotel/motel tax proceeds – these submittals will be given to the newly formed tourism committee for their review.
  • The City Council approved a contractual arrangement with Ken Craig of Shota Woodcarving to construct a main entry sign and a welcome kiosk map that will enhance the City’s visibility and promote business development. The signage will be funded through hotel/motel tax proceeds.
  • The City Council approved a Personal Services Contract with John Spencer to provide for the construction of a capital facilities plan, assist the City with financial issues should they arise and help in construction of the 2014 budget.
  • The City Council approved two [2] professional services contracts with Toni Nelson of Vision PS who is the City’s financial software provider. The agreements provide for accounting research services to address complex compliance issues and City software training.
  • Councilor, Bob Bianchi oversaw the restriping of the City’s parking lots this past weekend. The City is grateful for the effort he put forth. Two [2] of our local citizens, Pat Taylor and Bob Miller helped Bob Bianchi in this restriping effort and we are also thankful for their assistance. Bob advises that it took 20 gallons of oil based white paint and three gallons of blue to restripe the parking lots. The work took about five [5] hours to complete with the public works department contributing a similar amount of time to sweep the lots in preparation for the painting process.
  • The City staff met last week for purposes of identifying City issues that may pose immediate or long term community impacts if not addressed. The staff constructed a map that is available for public inspection showing these potential issues.
  • The Disc Golf gazebo has been completed and now the City council has directed a picnic table be placed in this shelter to enhance its usage.
  • The City’s copy machine continues to act up. We replaced its sensors as a next step our maintenance strategy. As a contingency - we are looking at a replacement copier. We will be evaluating the type of replacement machine needed [if one is needed]. In the event of a need to replace it - we will bring back quotes to Council from those vendors listed with the Washington State Purchasing Cooperative, which we are a member. Meantime, the Skamania County Chamber of Commerce was generous enough to lend us their spare copy machine.

Public Works

  • Public works is evaluating our portable backup emergency generator to see if it can be rebuilt and noting it was constructed in the mid 1970’s.
  • Public works staff is developing a snow strategy in the event we are confronted with rain gone bad.
  • Public works is having a spare sewer pump associated with the Number 2 lift station rebuilt – these types of pumps are no longer made - so its rebuilding will provide a needed backup protection. We are also acquiring a 5 horse power motor to serve as a backup to the Number 2 lift station.
  • Carl Jones from the Washington State Department of Ecology was generous enough to help the City update its National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit. The City will need to accomplish three [3] tests before we can submit for this permit renewal. The submittal will reactivate this important discharge permit for another five [5] years.
  • Evergreen Rural Water of Washington will be assisting the City conduct water system leak tests.
  • The department is pursuing acquisition of a sump pump. This device is relied upon for pumping purposes when the City experiences a broken water pipe.


  • Dave continues to work with Hot Springs to facilitate that project, as well as processing miscellaneous permits. He has resolved the engineering issues associated with Silver Star.
  • Dave and Tom are updating the City’s construction codes.


  • The City is seeking options associated with the delivery of court services in light of Judge Nix’s retirement.


  • Tom continues fielding various development inquiries, and working with Dave on the Hot Springs permits.
  • Otherwise, he has returned his focus back to the Shoreline Master Program update. He is currently working on draft goals, policies, designations and regulations. He will be holding a working group meeting on these topics in the near future. Tom is also assisting in an effort to procure a CBDG grant.

Planning Commission / Heritage Trails Committee

  • The City is seeking citizens to serve on the planning commission and given the recent departure of Melissa Hodson and Patrick Taylor. The City wishes to thank these two [2] individuals for their public contributions.


  • Fire Department also needs volunteers – if you or someone you know is interested, please call JB at 360-433-1192.


  • The City has sent a letter to the Union representative along with an updated bargaining agreement for their review

Sheriff / EDC / Chamber / Community Garden / Other

  • Dave Brown, Skamania County Sherriff, is seeking the City’s input concerning use of ATV’s on public roads within the City limits. This inquiry results from new state legislation.
  • The City is working with EDC to determine the potential of acquiring a state or federal loan or grant to help fund City’s public infrastructure needs.