Administrator Report 5/14/13

Public Works

  • Team Electric should begin work on installing new electric panels at pump stations 3 and 4 in the near future.
  • The pending report on back-due charges owed by the city received no attention, but I haven’t forgotten it!
  • One of the consultants I brought in to help out during our staffing shortage suggested to me a way to reduce the risks of a break in our transite water main. If we were to install a pressure valve at the bottom of the line and pumps at the well house, the line would be isolated in the event of a break, and the pumps could maintain water pressure to the city until the line could be fixed. If we were to install another pressure valve at the top of the tine we could also alleviate potential flooding. Cost for these measures would probably be in the range of $30,000 – far less than the $600,000 forecasted in the water system plan. The downside would be that we could not proceed with the well project this year.
  • The well house clarifier was cleaned. I am pleased to report that while there was a lot of sediment in it, the structure is in good shape.


  • Dave has been busy working with Silver Star and the Hot Springs to help get those projects moving.


  • No News


  • Tom continues fielding various development inquiries.
  • He continues assisting the Planning Commission and preparing their various materials and documents.
  • With the Comprehensive Plan adopted and the rough draft of the Trails Plan complete, he is turning his attention back to the Shoreline Master Program.

Planning Commission / Heritage Trails Committee

  • They held an open house to get public input on the Big Foot Discovery Trails plan on May 7. They will be revising the plan based on comments received and they intend to present it to the Council for review and approval when complete.
  • They have reviewed some signage options for CBD and for standards throughout the city. Jake Meyer (a volunteer) and I are bringing recommendations to council at the May 14th meeting.
  • Draft May 7th minutes attached.


  • They need more volunteers – if you or someone you know is interested, please call JB at 360-433-1192. We are looking into ways to better recruit and retain volunteers. JB and John made a pitch to the employees of Silver Star Cabinets on Tuesday and hope to receive a couple applications from that effort.
  • They are also gearing of for Gorge Days.


  • Payroll went poorly (mostly my mistakes), taking up an extra day of work.
  • While reconciling our 1st Quarter Unemployment Reports, I discovered that I missed a rate increase in January from 2.2% to 3% -- a 40% increase. Even worse, when I budgeted 2013 I accidently entered it as 0.22% rather than 2.2%. The budgeting error will result in a $5,000 hit, and the state increase will result in a $3,000 hit to our budget by years’ end.
  • I spent a couple days preparing for and attending union negotiations, which ended very well (see MOA on agenda).

Finance / Administration

  • I’m (slowly) working on the 2012 Financial Reports – No activity on this over the last few weeks.
  • The State made a major revision to the BARS coding for 2013. I have already spent a day working to bring the city’s finances into compliance and I expect it will take at least another 8 hours or so. – No action on this lately.
  • Now that Bob Bianchi updated our Emergency Management Plan, I need to review it and pass it along to council for adoption. – No action on this lately.
  • We finished working out the utility billing issues. The May billing seems to have gone off smoothly. However, now that I have a couple of good billings to project from, my year-end projections for Water/Sewer revenues much lower than budget.
  • I am working on finding a vendor to enable accepting credit card payments.
  • Attended the County Solid Waste Advisory Committee – the solid waste department is scraping by as a self-funded department. They are limiting their services in order to keep within budget.
  • My current revenue projections for Sewer are $14,000 less than budgeted. I believe this is because residents used their water very conservatively during the winter averaging period. I intend to stop further transfers to reserves to help keep the fund within budget – this will save $1,333 per month, totaling about $12,000 through the remainder of the year.
  • Please find attached: April Billing Corrections, April Reconciliation, and April Budget-to-Actual report.

Sheriff / EDC / Chamber / Community Garden / Other

  • Sheriff’s April Report Attached – they provided 151 hours of service and drove 1073 miles within the city limits.
  • The AWC Conference is in June – Does any councilor want to attend?
  • Pollard Dickson wrote an update on the Coal Train issue – attached.
  • The Community Garden now has 38 rented plots -- 84% full! This project has become a great success.
  • Gorge Days planning is well underway. We are looking for volunteers to help on the day of the event. Please contact the Casey Roeder at Chamber of Commerce (427-8911).
  • The Gorge Commission, with support from the three city mayors, is planning another regional partner’s forum:

What: National Scenic Area – Regional Partners’ Forum
Where : Pavilion at the Port of Cascade Locks
When: June 7, 2013 – 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Purpose: To convene an informal regional discussion among local governments, port districts and the Gorge Commission to explore potential partnership opportunities and support for
shared regional planning, infrastructure and economic development.
Invited: National Scenic Area Cities, Counties, Ports, Economic Development agencies, School Districts
Draft Agenda:

  • Introductions
  • Overview of National Scenic Area, Gorge Commission 2013-2015 priorities and NSA potential
  • Three Communities’ Initiative
  • Regional Bridge Issues (Bridge of the Gods, Hood River Bridge) and other infrastructure
  • Lunch – Gorge Commission can host
  • Roundtable – regional aspirations, concerns, possibilities
  • MCEDD’s S.E.T. process
  • Ports’ Strategic Planning
  • Other