City Administrator’s Notes - May 2013

Spring has sprung and there is a lot of activity going on around here…

The Planning Commission/Heritage Trails committee will be holding an open house to get public input on the Big Foot Discovery Trails plan on May 7. In the meantime, please look over the materials on the large display in city hall – we would really like your input!

We are rebuilding electric panels on two of our sewer pump stations – this may not sound very exciting, but it’s great news to our public works crew who are constantly being called out at odd hours to fix pumps. We need to fully rebuild all three pump stations, but the price tag for that project is far more than we can handle at the moment.

Silver Star Cabinets
Silver Star Cabinets has applied for a building permit to add a large storage building behind their shop. This is a great sign of a thriving business and we congratulate them on their success!

We are installing a small gazebo to the northwest of city hall. Paid for by lodging tax funds, the gazebo will primarily give disc golfers a nice spot to get ready for their games. When they aren’t using it, feel free to make use of it for your next picnic!

Gorge Days
Planning for Gorge Days is in full swing, and we’re looking forward to a great event. We’re bring back Johnny Limbo and Lugnuts for a concert, a large volkswalk will happen that day, and a number of new vendors have expressed interest. Plan on joining us July 5-6!

The fire season is coming our way, and our department is low on fire fighters. Would you consider volunteering? Please call JB Tennison at 360-433-1192