March 2013

I’m very excited to say that we’ve finally converted to our new utility billing software, which is the last phase of updating our old financial software. We’ve moved from old black-and-white DOS-based screens and ancient dot-matrix printers to a brand new system with all sorts of bells and whistles!

With the new software (and assuming our council likes the idea) I will soon be able to roll out a “budget billing” program in which you pay the same monthly charge, based on your average use. I also really want to bring in a credit card machine later this year now that we have the software to properly support it.

The downside to this is that our most recent billing was somewhat messy – last month’s auto-pays didn’t process through, for instance, so those people were over-billed. On the other side, a number of others weren’t billed for their sewer service. Please bear with us; we’ll have the kinks worked out soon! In the meantime, if you suspect anything wrong with your bill, please contact me.

Also, please note that the new system gave everyone a new account number. If you make your payments on-line or have your bank send them for you please update your account information to make sure we process your payment correctly.