March 2013

Desperate times call for desperate measures and I am now in full-blown recruitment mode in order to fill our current City Council vacancy. We have had one position vacant for a couple months and will have another council member leaving in the near future. If we are unable to fill these positions it will leave us one absence away from failing to muster a quorum which means we will be forced to reschedule meetings in order to carry on the city’s business. We’ve already had to reschedule one meeting this year which can negatively and severely impact our ability to operate.

Washington state law is clear and states in the event our City Council fails to appoint a qualified person to fill the vacancy within 90 days of the position becoming vacant, the city loses its authority to fill the vacancy and the county legislative authority has 180 days to appoint a qualified person. If the county fails to make an appointment within the 180 days, the city or county can then petition the governor to make an appointment.

In the meantime, if we can’t muster a quorum for our meetings we will not be able to conduct business, including authorizing payment of our bills and paying our employees. If you value the quality of life we all enjoy here and are interested in helping shape North Bonneville’s future, please consider applying for the open City Council position.
As always, your input and ideas regarding our city are welcome. You can reach me at 427-8182 or via email.