Billing Reminders

Sewer bills for 2013 will be set based on winter water averages (Nov - Feb). Water bills are based on actual water consumption. Below are listed a few examples of water usage, to lower your consumption conservation tips are available at city hall.

January 2013

We’ve made it to another new year, and I’m excited about some of the possibilities we have facing us in 2013.

As Mayor Stevens mentioned in his January post, we’ve hired Jim Runkles to partially fill the Deputy Clerk position, and I anticipate hiring another person very soon. Finally bringing city hall back to full staffing will help us be more responsive to both citizens and our city council, and I hope to be able to concentrate more on some of our big projects.

January 2013

The New Year has begun with a number of changes for our city and some pretty wild weather. We went from rain to snow to ice and back again, said goodbye to a member of our City Hall staff and one of our City Councilors and launched our new web site.

Administrator Report 1/8/13

Public Works

  • Working with pump manufacturers and city engineer to scope a potential overhaul of one or more lift stations.
  • The electrical panel at pump station 4 failed on New Year ’s Day, blowing a pump starter and transformer.
  • We are working to make a final draft of the water system plan ready for the January 22 meeting.
  • We are working on a report on the city’s water use.
  • Someone broke about 30 pathway lights over New Year’s. I’m estimating a cost of around $1,500.


December 2012

I’m happy to report our City Council is back to full strength after the departure of Jerry Arthurs last month. Jerry moved north sometime ago and had been driving over three hours each way to attend meetings. I’d like to thank him for his time and efforts serving on Council and wish him all the best in his new endeavors.

November 2012

As we move closer to the holiday season I’d like to welcome two new employees to our Public Works department. Gary Bridgewater and Russell Watts came on board in mid-October and are working with Bryan to get up to speed on the many systems and areas they support to keep all of us safe and happy.