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City Administrator’s Notes - February 2015

Our Mayor, Don Stevens, has been fortunate to strike up a relationship with a local Bigfoot. He is to be congratulated on that action given how reticent the Bigfoot is to human encounter and especially interaction with politicians. However, overtime, the two have shared considerable information on many different topics, which by the way, has enhanced the Mayor’s ability to govern our community.

City Administrator’s Notes - September 2014

First, a word of caution!!! Someone took it upon themselves to spray some of the wild blackberries that grow around town on public lands. This action was not authorized by the City. We do not know who sprayed the plants or what chemicals might have been used for spraying purposes. The City staff placed signs near the bushes advising against eating them - so please refrain from consuming these sprayed fruits.

City Administrator’s Notes - June 2014

Here is the latest news concerning our sewage lift stations.

I am currently applying for a Community Development Block Grant from the Department of Commerce for an amount between $350,000 and $400,000 to replace Lift Station #3. (These are Federal funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development which are allocated to the states for distribution.) This lift station, located next to Greenleaf Lake, has failed 38 times in the past 10 months alone. This has cost the city over $30,000 in maintenance costs.

A Special Message from Your City Adminstrator

Ladies and gentlemen: I would like to encourage each of you to attend the City Council meeting Tuesday evening May 27 at 7: 00 P.M. to offer support or testimony to help the City demonstrate you are behind the City’s efforts to pursue a Community Development Block Grant [CDBG] application. This support action will enhance the City’s prospects of receiving a grant to replace the City’s three [3] aging lift stations –which collectively break down on average every six days reflecting the fact they are on their last legs.

City Administrator’s Notes - May 2014

Title 13, which is the Utility Section of the Municipal Code has been updated for the first time since 2003. Ordinance 1036 deals with the water section of the code and Ordinance 1037 deals with sewer.
Resolution 471 breaks out all utility rates, charges and fees from Title 13 so they are readily accessible. The City Council approved these on April 22nd and they are now posted on the City website.

City Administrator’s Notes - March 2014

We are currently working very diligently to find a way to improve our sewer infrastructure. Three of our lift stations are over 30 years old and need to be replaced or refurbished. Our estimated cost to accomplish this is $600,000.

We are seeking a grant through the Community Development Block Grant for $450,000 and a low interest loan spread over a 15 year period for $150,000. This would allow us to replace Lift Stations #2 and #3 in their entirety and refurbish Lift Station #4.

City Administrator’s Notes - January 2014

Your City Administrator is very busy developing short and long range strategies designed to maintain the viability of our city’s sewer system. Our biggest maintenance issue is Lift Station #3. We are working with our city engineer to determine the best way to keep the lift station operational while seeking outside loans and grants to replace our three lift stations. Current estimates are in vicinity of $500,000.00.

We encourage all our citizens to join us at City Council meetings to provide input and learn how the city government is addressing the issues.

Was it a Bigfoot or Bigfootina?

At 10:30 AM on Monday the 28th of October the City Hall received a frantic call from a resident who said something unnaturally large was moving rapidly away from their residence and taking their child’s blue wading pool. Annette Taylor, who responded to this report, assured the caller the City would promptly look into the matter.