Block Leaders Needed

The City of North Bonneville Block Leader Program needs your help.

The initial goal for this program was to provide a point-of-contact between city hall and the residents of each block in an emergency.

The reason the program was established is still valid. The demands of modern life can often make finding opportunities to meet the people who live next door or down the street problematic.

Block leaders can provide the point-of contact many neighborhoods need to become better acquainted. They can provide useful community information by serving as liaisons between local government and citizens, and they can make neighbors aware of individual circumstances within their neighborhoods.

An effort is underway to revive and streamline the program by making it a self-sustaining civic organization that is loosely coordinated by the city manager. The organization would be run by the block leaders, but certain aspects of the program would still be organized by the city. If you are interested in serving as block leader for your neighborhood please contact North Bonneville City Hall at 427-8182 during business hours.

Sharon Runkles & Mary Armentrout