February 2013

As we move into the month with the toughest name to pronounce correctly (or should that be correctly pronounce?), one of the many focuses of our City Council is keeping
our community as visually appealing as possible. A big step towards doing just that was the passing of a new sign ordinance at the last council meeting in January.
Like most ordinances, it’s a bit wordy to go into the finer points here, but the Reader's Digest version is, anyone planning to post any signs on public right of way is now
required to obtain a permit that will specify locations, times and dates of posting and date of removal.

There is no charge or fee for a sign permit and it is not our intent to generate revenue in any way. Our goal is to see these permits serve as a reminder to us all of the importance
of asking permission to use something and cleaning up after ourselves when we’re done. Sign permits are available in City Hall and will be available to download
via the city website soon. They will be found under the Forms link on the Government Tab.

If you’re wondering where the heck we get these ideas, we just happen to have an available position on our City Council that’s just waiting for you. I’ve always believed
better results come from more ideas; come share yours at an upcoming meeting. As always, I welcome your comments, suggestions and applications to apply for our
open council position. You can reach me by phone at 427-8182, don [at] northbonneville.net (subject: Message%20from%20North%20Bonneville.net) (email), or just catch me walking or biking around town.