Administrator Report 2/26/13

Public Works

  • Continuing to look at options to overhaul of one or more lift stations. Our biggest concern right now is the electrical panels at pump stations 3 and 4. We discussed this with our new contact for USDA on the 19th.
  • We are working on a report on the city’s water use – we have identified a number of issues and recommendations. We are still working on a back charge report.
  • We are also working on a Request for Qualifications for a Hydrogeologist for the new well.
  • Public Works crew is working on installation of a new gazebo.


  • Dave is busy following up on building permit issues.
  • Dave and Tom have been working with Pete Cam to help move him forward on the Day Use facility.


  • Judge Nix is back from vacation.
  • Donna Wood, our contracted court administrator, has been busy cleaning up files, training Annette, and generally bringing the court administration up a notch!
  • Julie Stevens is working on adding a basic Court page to our website. With that done, all three branches of our government will have a web presence.


  • Tom’s principally working on Shoreline Master Plan – Visioning and Goals.
  • He continues to fielding various development inquiries.
  • Assisting the Planning Commission
  • He has completed a draft of the Comprehensive Plan update, which was approved by the Planning Commission on the 19th. This is on tonight’s agenda.
  • He has also made and a SEPA determination on the draft Comp. Plan and submitted it to the state for review.

Planning Commission / Heritage Trails Committee

  • Planning Commission welcomed the appointment of Patrick Taylor to the commission. They still need one more commissioner and two alternates.
  • They are working on a large update of the Heritage Trails plan, which will incorporate discussion of the Big Foot Trails and the Towns-to-Trails plan elements. Currently, the plan is appended to the city’s comprehensive plan. To make it easier to keep the Heritage Trails plan current, they intend to remove it from the Comprehensive Plan. All trail development will be folded into the master trails plan to be presented to the Council for approval.
  • Since they need to open the Comprehensive Plan anyway, they are in the process of a full review. An updated plan will hopefully be ready for Council approval in March (following a public hearing or two).
  • 2/19/12 minutes attached.


  • They need more volunteers – if you or someone you know is interested, please call JB at 360-433-1192. We are looking into ways to better recruit and retain volunteers.


  • We held a bi-weekly all-staff meeting on Feb13th as part of our goal to improve staff communication and cohesiveness, and help us work together on city issues.

Finance / Administration

  • I’m almost done wrapping up 2012 and getting 2013 going. The big outstanding item is creating the 2012 Financial Reports. John attending a training session on this on the 26th.
  • The State made a major revision to the BARS coding for 2013. I have already spent a day working to bring the city’s finances into compliance and I expect it will take at least another 8 hours or so.
  • Now that Bob Bianchi updated our Emergency Management Plan, I need to review it and pass it along to council for adoption.
  • Staff spent a lot of time learning a new Utility Billing system on the 19th and 20th. This system will enable us be better positioned to meet the needs of our customers. This software will also reduce a great deal of staff time. (PS. Anyone interested in acquiring a dot matrix printer??)

Sheriff / EDC / Chamber / Community Garden

  • Community Garden kick-off meeting was held at Hamilton Park Apartments on February 20th.
  • The first Gorge Days Planning meeting was held on February 25th.