Administrator Report 1/22/13

Public Works

  • Continuing to look at options to overhaul of one or more lift stations.
  • Obtained quotes to clean and inspect the clear well at the water pump house.
  • Completed the Water System Plan for Council review.
  • We are working on a report on the city’s water use.
  • We are also working on a Request for Qualifications for a Hydrogeologist for the new well.
  • Repaired the 30 broken pathway lights.


  • Dave is busy following up on building permit issues.


  • Judge Nix is on vacation; he has named Brad Anderson as interim judge.
  • We hired Donna Wood from the county to administer court until the new employees are trained.


  • Tom’s principally working on Shoreline Master Plan – Visioning and Goals.
  • He continues to fielding various development inquiries.
  • Assisting the Planning Commission
  • He has completed a draft of the Comprehensive Plan update, which was approved by the Planning Commission on the 15th.
  • He has also made and a SEPA determination on the draft Comp. Plan and submitted it to the state for review.

Planning Commission / Heritage Trails Committee

  • Planning Commission approved a new sign code and submitted it to council.
  • They decided to adopt a bigfoot theme for child-oriented trail signs
  • They are working on a large update of the Heritage Trails plan, which will incorporate discussion of the Big Foot Trails and the Towns-to-Trails plan elements. Currently, the plan is appended to the city’s comprehensive plan. To make it easier to keep the Heritage Trails plan current, they intend to remove it from the Comprehensive Plan. All trail development will be folded into the master trails plan.
  • Since they need to open the Comprehensive Plan anyway, they are in the process of a full review. An updated plan will hopefully be ready for Council approval in March (following a public hearing or two).
  • They are in need of two planning commissioners and two alternates.


  • They need more volunteers – if you or someone you know is interested, please call JB at 360-433-1192


  • Preparing for the 3rd round of negotiations – the next round will be January 29th.
  • Finalized a proposed settlement to the 2012 grievances.
  • Hired Annette Taylor as a part-time, temporary Deputy Clerk.
  • Hired Heidi Jones as a part-time, temporary Receptionist.
  • We are also interviewing candidates for a full-time Utilities Operator (our current Utilities Operator, Russ Watts, is in a temporary position).
  • Please be patient while we train our new employees!

Finance / Administration

  • I’m working on wrapping up 2012 and getting 2013 going.
  • The State made a major revision to the BARS coding. I anticipate spending considerable time bring the city’s finances into compliance.
  • Now that Bob Bianchi updated our Emergency Management Plan, I need to review it and pass it along to council for adoption.
  • John is attending a Washington Cities Insurance Association (WCIA) Board Meeting all day on the 18th – this is an annual requirement under our contract. WCIA is paying the travel expenses.
  • the Disc Golf Association is holding its second professional tournament this Sunday (January 20th) – we’ve had lots of very good players practicing in our park this week!
  • City Hall will be closed Monday the 21st in honor of MLK.

Sheriff / EDC / Chamber / Community Garden

  • The Chamber of Commerce December report is attached.
  • The EDC December report is attached.