Administrator Report 1/8/13

Public Works

  • Working with pump manufacturers and city engineer to scope a potential overhaul of one or more lift stations.
  • The electrical panel at pump station 4 failed on New Year ’s Day, blowing a pump starter and transformer.
  • We are working to make a final draft of the water system plan ready for the January 22 meeting.
  • We are working on a report on the city’s water use.
  • Someone broke about 30 pathway lights over New Year’s. I’m estimating a cost of around $1,500.


  • Dave is busy following up on building permit issues.


  • Judge Nix will be taking vacation in January/February; he has named BradAnderson as interim judge.


  • Tom’s principally working on Shoreline Master Plan – Visioning and Goals.
  • Fielding various development inquiries Assisting the Planning Commission


  • Preparing for the 3rd round of negotiations (date undetermined).
  • Working on grievance resolutions.
  • Hired Jim Runkles as a part-time, temporary Deputy Clerk. He will continue in this capacity until we resolve the status of the Deputy Clerk position. I am working to hire a part-time, temporary Receptionist as well.
  • We are also working to hire a full-time Utilities Operator (our current Utilities Operator, Russ Watts, is in a temporary position).

Planning Commission

  • Planning Commission is addressing the following issues:
  1. Temporary sign code.
  2. Creating of permanent tourism (bigfoot/heritage trails) signage at the entrance to the city.
  3. Replacing faded Heritage Trail signs
  • Planning commission is working on a large update of the Heritage Trails plan, which will incorporate discussion of the Big Foot Trails and the Towns-to-Trails, which will incorporate discussion of the Big Foot Trails and the Towns-to-Trailsplan elements. Currently, the plan is appended to the city’s comprehensive plan. To make it easier to keep the Heritage Trails plan current, they intend to remove it from the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Since they need to open the Comprehensive Plan anyway, they are in the process of a full review. An updated plan will hopefully be ready for Council approval in February.
  • They are in need of two planning commissioners and two alternates.
  • December 4th meeting minutes are attached. I intend to attached approved minutes to all future reports.
  • The additional little foot carving that was missing has been found. However, we already commissioned a replacement carving, so the bigfoot family is growing by one new member!

Finance / Administration

  • I’m working on wrapping up 2012 and getting 2013 going.
  • The State made a major revision to the BARS coding. I anticipate spending considerable time bring the city’s finances into compliance.
  • Now that Bob Bianchi updated our Emergency Management Plan, I need to review it and pass it along to council for adoption.
  • The finding and management letter are going through the review process which is taking longer than we had expected; we now expect them to be released on Monday, January 7th.
  • I misestimated some final fund expenses (I forgot to account for interfund transfers) and we may go over budget. If so, we will need to do one last end-of-year set of budget adjustments in January.
  • The November reconciliation is attached. I anticipate having December’s financials done in time for the January 8 council meeting.
  • Julie Stevens completed a new web site for the city. Please check it out!

Sheriff / EDC / Chamber / Community Garden

  • Sheriff’s November and December reports attached – they logged 600 miles and 105 hours in November, and 690 miles and 120.5 hours in December.
  • The Chamber of Commerce November/December report is attached