Administrator Report 10/23/12

Public Works

  • Jeff Denny started on October 1st and quit on October 9th. We are working onfinding a replacement.
  • The total cost of the crosswalks and the median lines was $2,794. A very good price!
  • Bryan has been working with a contractor to look for leaks in our water system. In 2011 our system records should a leakage rate of 37% -- the goal is about 10%.
  • We are still working with Riverside Electric to install 240-Volt service to the gazebo for use in future concerts/events.
  • Bryan had a very successful meeting with the Department of Health (DOH) for a sanitary survey of the water system – the city’s systems received high marks.


  • Dave is busy following up on building permit issues.
  • Continuing to work on issues with the Hot Springs facility.
  • I also asked him to do a driving survey the town for code violations next time he has some spare time.


  • The Court schedule will remain on Tuesdays.
  • Our new court appointed attorney is Lantz Fitzgarrald.


  • Tom has been on vacation the last couple weeks.


  • No news.

Planning Commission

  • Planning Commission is addressing the following issues:
    1. Temporary sign code.
    2. Creating of permanent tourism (bigfoot/heritage trails) signage at the entrance to the city.
    3. Replacing faded Heritage Trail signs
  • After review of council comments and internal discussion, planning commissionis working on a large update of the Heritage Trails plan. This will incorporate the Towns-to-Trails plan elements.
  • Sharon Runkles resigned from the Planning Commission (letter attached). They are now in need of two planning commissioners and two alternates.


  • Preparing for the 3rd round of negotiations (date undetermined).
  • Seeking ways to backfill public works personnel shortage.