From the Mayor's Desk - August 2016

I just talked about the yard debris dumping areas in the June newsletter but in light of a recent change it’s worth revisiting the topic here.

First off, we are extremely lucky to have several locations in our city where we can dump our lawn clippings, small tree and brush trimmings less than 3 inches in diameter with a maximum length of 3 feet, and other naturally occurring yard debris. The vast majority of other cities do not provide this option and it is a great deal for all of us, but in order to maintain this benefit it falls to all of us to use these areas for the purpose for which they were intended and in accordance with the rules, not as a general dumping location.

The largest of these areas is on Whiskey Flat Road near the entrance to our Public Works shop and wastewater treatment facility. This area was recently closed due to high volume dumping by commercial users and a flood of large trees, stumps and branches as well as a large amount of garbage. Our Public Works crew has made an area inside their facility available to accept appropriate materials, but it is inside the fence and the gate is only open Monday through Friday from 8am to 3 pm. We are working to find a better solution but until we are able to do so, please use the existing areas and only dump the allowed materials.

I would also like to reiterate the importance of properly disposing of invasive plants, particularly ivy. If your landscaping includes ivy, please remember to dispose of it in your trash can, a landfill or transfer station rather than one of the yard debris disposal areas around town. These areas are meant for noninvasive yard debris only, not invasive plants like ivy, which have no place outside our yards and can cause damage and eventual death to our trees and native plant species. Please do not dump them with the rest of your yard waste.

On another note, you may have noticed a lot of road work happening on Evergreen Drive between Highway 14 and the green bridge over Hamilton Creek. This is utility work being done before that section of road is resurfaced in early September. We will do our best to keep 1 lane open throughout the rest of the project and apologize for the inconvenience that comes with this road rehabilitation. Please be patient with any workers involved in this project.

As always, we welcome your input and ideas regarding your city. Our number is 427-8182 or you can always contact me viadon [at] (subject: A%20message%20from%20North%20Bonneville%20website) (email)don [at] (subject: A%20message%20from%20North%20Bonneville%20website) (.)