From the Mayor's Desk - March 2016

Spring will officially begin this month, but it feels like we’ve been in spring cleaning mode for months already. Between all the downed trees and branches and other damage inflicted on our community by the storms in November and December, our public works crew has been burning their candles at both ends and the middle. In addition to all their clean up duties, they have also been manually regulating the reservoirs that supply our city water system. The November storm took out the telemetry system that normally controls the water level in the reservoirs resulting in the need for our public works staff to physically check the level several times a day to keep our water system operating correctly.

The next time you see Richard, Bryan, Gary or Steve around town, please offer them a wave of appreciation or a comment of support. They are the backbone of our city and the main reason we are able to enjoy many of the benefits we often take for granted, e.g., potable water whenever we turn on a faucet; a wastewater system that removes and treats that water when we’re done with it; lighted streets and pathways to get us around town; and a number of other services that enhance the quality of our lives.

Speaking of cleaning up, the parking situation in the Central Business District has been greatly improved and we will now be turning our attention to the rest of our city’s public parking issues.

Chapter 10.12 of our municipal code says, in part, “No person having control over a vehicle, may park such vehicle upon any right of way, street, access road, municipal parking lot, or leave such vehicle in the same public place overnight.”

If you or someone you know has been parking a vehicle on the street overnight, other arrangements must be made to legally park the vehicle or it will be subject to towing and impound.

This has become a problem in many neighborhoods around town and we will be evenhanded in our enforcement but I do want to put the Wacomac, Chinook and Island Way areas on notice as they have larger numbers of illegally parked vehicles than most of the rest of the city.

Please do the right thing and find suitable parking for your vehicles so we aren’t forced to take corrective actions.

As always, if you have any comments, suggestions or extra treats, please contact me here at City Hall at 427-8182 or via email.