From the Mayor's Desk - December 2015

As we head into the last month of the year we find ourselves cleaning up after the worst storm I recall since moving to North Bonneville in 2005. While it will be some time before we get things back to normal, it was very heartening to witness so many of our residents pitching in during the storm to clear downed trees, unclog the catch basins that feed our storm water system and generally look out for each other. I was trapped for a time at the Bonneville Hot Springs Resort after a large tree fell across Hot Springs Way just north of the new stop sign near Bass Lake while I was checking out the road beyond the resort. I had gone to assess the situation and found Ted Salka and Brian McKenzie were just getting done cutting up the downed trees and moving them far enough off the road to allow traffic to pass. After the tree fell near the stop sign, they went back to work and with help from Pete Cam and Marfa Scheratski, who is a very skilled heavy equipment operator, were able to clear the road in short order.

Once I got back to the south side of town I found Richard Lafayette and several locals all standing in knee deep water at the intersection of Columbia and West Cascade using their bare hands to pull 6 inch thick clumps of leaves in order to clear the catch basins. After we got the Columbia intersection cleared we continued through the west side of town where we were joined by other residents who came out to help and/or provide us with tools to help scrape the leaves off the catch basin grates.

I didn’t see everyone who helped out that night but I would like to recognize those I did see: Gregg Johnson and his wife (whose name I sadly did not get), Andy Debriae, Adam Shaeffer, Robbie and Bill Banks-Onthank, Taylor Hulsey, Tyson Wenz and Jack Moore. I’d like to give some extra recognition to Kyle Kasting, who showed up at City Hall the night of the storm with his own backhoe which he put to good use clearing trees that blocked the entrance to our Public Works shop area along with many other trees around town.

It was a long night, but it was wonderful watching our fellow residents working together to come to the aid of our community. My heartfelt thanks to those I’ve named and the many others I know were also out there helping in different parts of town.

As always, I welcome any comments and feedback. I can be contacted at 427-8182 or via don [at] (subject: A%20message%20from%20North%20Bonneville%20website) (email.)