City Administrator’s Notes - February 2015

Our Mayor, Don Stevens, has been fortunate to strike up a relationship with a local Bigfoot. He is to be congratulated on that action given how reticent the Bigfoot is to human encounter and especially interaction with politicians. However, overtime, the two have shared considerable information on many different topics, which by the way, has enhanced the Mayor’s ability to govern our community.

Recently, the Mayor was intrigued by the fact that a far reaching weather forecast is determined by some scroungy rodent living in some indecipherable sounding community located in Pennsylvania that likely supports the New England Patriots. Thus, he asked his Bigfoot friend to provide some assessment of the weather forecast for the next 6 weeks and noting that a Bigfoot’s survival depends on an accurate knowledge of the weather. In response, the Bigfoot replied - the West Coast will be endowed with a mild winter and a cheerful spring.

So there you have it - the Inaugural Bigfoot Weather Forecast. The Bigfoot did not wish to opine on East Coast weather - ridiculing the fact that Easterners would leave it up to an ear biting rodent for predicting weather outcomes.