From the Mayor's Desk - February 2015

As we head into February it’s starting to look like we won’t get much of a winter this year. I can’t say I’m overly disappointed to have missed out on shoveling snow this winter but it is a little unnerving to see how small the local snowpack is for this time of year. I don’t foresee any drought conditions in our near future but we certainly are living in some very interesting times.

I mentioned a few months ago we have been updating our city parking ordinances and our Planning Commission has submitted their recommendations for consideration at the first City Council meeting this month.

These changes will affect both our public parking areas near City Hall, the Post Office and the rest of the Central Business District as well as parking on our streets. I urge any and all residents interested in this topic to attend our meeting on February 10th and share their questions, ideas and input with us.

Our goal is to clarify what is and is not allowed and enhance the livability of our community. The number of illegally parked vehicles throughout our city has increased lately and the first step in rectifying this issue is to ensure our city ordinances are clear and consistent in describing what is allowed and what is not. The second step will be enforcement and I’m happy to report the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office will be working with us to make sure we are all in compliance.

Through these changes, we seek to improve public safety by ensuring access for emergency vehicles as well as improving the visual appeal of our city.

If you have questions or comments about anything to do with our city you can me at 427-8182 or or via don [at] (subject: A%20message%20from%20North%20Bonneville%20website) (email).