City Administrator’s Notes - September 2014

First, a word of caution!!! Someone took it upon themselves to spray some of the wild blackberries that grow around town on public lands. This action was not authorized by the City. We do not know who sprayed the plants or what chemicals might have been used for spraying purposes. The City staff placed signs near the bushes advising against eating them - so please refrain from consuming these sprayed fruits.

Next, the City negotiated a labor contract with our employees that is in effect to the end of 2016. As part of the agreement, employees will pay a higher deductible for their medical insurance, which will result in City savings. In other financial news, the North Bonneville Public Development Authority [NBPDA] has repaid a loan they received from the City to assist them with their start up costs. They repaid the loan in full, with interest and eighteen months ahead of schedule! There was considerable concern that the NBPDA would not be able to repay this loan. At this time, the NBPDA is close to procuring a license from the Washington State Liquor Control Board to operate a retail marijuana store. The City is also expecting to hear in mid- September if it will receive a Community Development Block Grant [CDBG] from the Washington State Department of Commerce to replace the City’s sewer Lift Station Number 3 that is on its last legs.

 Also noteworthy, the City has entered into a contract to rent City Hall office space to the Washington Department of Corrections for purposes of providing probationary services. The City staff was able to take storage space and convert it for this purpose and in the process generate a bit of income for the community. While we are on the subject of money, please be advised that City Council hearings on the 2015 budget will be held September 9, September 23 and October 14. We encourage everyone to attend at least one of the meetings. We are very interested in hearing your comments on next year’s budget.

I also want to mention that the City recently advertised for the submittal of tourism proposals intended to promote North Bonneville. The City intends to award vendors upwards of $60,000 for this purpose. The source of this funding is the Hotel Motel Tax revenue. In response to this tourism solicitation - we received several proposals that will be reviewed by the Tourism Committee. The Committee will then make recommendations to the City Council regarding which, if any projects should be funded.

Last but certainly not least, The Dam Roadhouse will open in the Central Business District on September 5. Together, Ron Broersma and his mother Johanna have over 60 years experience in the restaurant business. They have promised to knock our socks off with their great pizzas and sandwiches!