From the Mayor's Desk - June 2014

June started off with a scary situation that was quickly handled by a member of our Public Works department. A distraught mom called our City Hall over the weekend and fortunately found Steven Hasson, our City Administrator, working on a day off. She quickly explained her toddler had somehow managed to lock themselves into a room on the second floor and they could not get the door open. Steven called Public Works and Bryan Henrichsen dropped what he was doing and took a ladder tall enough to allow him to climb through the second story window and open the door. It sounds pretty simple as you read it here but at the time it was a very stressful situation and Bryan’s fast actions were much appreciated by all involved. I’ve already thanked him for his rapid response, please feel free to do the same when you see him.

In other news around town, I want to dispel a rumor I’ve heard over the last couple of weeks. Yes, there will indeed be a car show as the headline attraction for next month’s Gorge Days. Several people have told me they “heard” there would not be a car show this year but like a lot of rumors this one is untrue. Our volunteer firefighters will be putting on their third consecutive car show and I expect it to be even better than last year’s, which was spectacular. Our firefighters took over managing the car show in 2012, meaning the revenue they bring in through the event remains in our city and is dedicated to supplies, maintenance and other expenses used to keep us safe, a true win-win situation for us all.

Stay tuned for more details about Gorge Days next month. Or better yet, help make this year’s event the best ever by calling City Hall at 427-8182 to find out what you can do to show our visitors what a wonderful city we all get to call home. Lastly, we have hired a seasonal, part-time worker to help the Public Works crew keep up with all the mowing around town. We are doing our best to keep up but if you see an area in your neighborhood that needs attention you can call City Hall and we’ll do all we can to keep our park and open spaces looking good.

As always, I’m available via phone, don [at] (subject: A%20message%20from%20North%20Bonneville%20website) (email) or face-to-face conversation.