From the Mayor's Desk - May 2014

I know Spring officially started over a month ago but with the sound of lawn mowers becoming a more regular occurrence and a run of sunny days it’s actually starting to feel like we’ve made it through another Winter.

With our current mix of sun and warmer weather the grass is growing so fast you can almost watch it happen. This means frequent lawn mowing is required to keep our yards looking neat, which leaves all of us lawn-mowing individuals looking for somewhere to dump our grass clippings.

As you probably already know, there are numerous areas around town where these grass clippings and other yard and garden debris can be dumped. I consider myself to be very fortunate to live in a city that provides its residents with such a wonderful convenience.

Unfortunately, it’s become evident that some of our citizens are unaware of the proper use of these areas so I’m here to remind us all of how to make use of this benefit responsibly.

  • Dump only yard and garden debris. That means grass clippings, plant trimmings and small branches.
  • Do not dump anything made of plastic, concrete, treated lumber or other non-compostable materials.
  • Do not dump invasive plant species, particularly English Ivy in these areas. Instead, throw them out with the rest of your trash.

Our Public Works crew does a great job keeping these areas usable for us and by following these simple rules we can all help them keep this wonderful benefit for our community. On a similar note, the Public Works crew asks that you not move rocks into areas they mow as this damages the city mower. This is an important safety issue.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions. You can reach me by phone at 427-8182, email or just catch me walking or biking around town.