Was it a Bigfoot or Bigfootina?

At 10:30 AM on Monday the 28th of October the City Hall received a frantic call from a resident who said something unnaturally large was moving rapidly away from their residence and taking their child’s blue wading pool. Annette Taylor, who responded to this report, assured the caller the City would promptly look into the matter.

However, before the City could respond to this concern, three young men came rushing into City Hall. They recounted how they were playing disc golf on the City’s third course hole when they had been confronted by something the size of a house that threw a huge saucer like object past them and then chased them off. They wanted us to warn others about their harrowing experience. I asked Tom Jermann, our resident statesman, to help me check this out. As we reached the site, Tom saw something and screeched “Eureka” which honestly scared off this thing, whatever it was, along with a whole bunch of people. We found a huge blue disc, which turned out to be the wading pool - firmly enmeshed into the number three disc basket and obviously placed there by some tremendous force.

With some finesse we were able to extract this object and carefully bring it back to City Hall in such a manner as not to corrupt possible DNA evidence.

For those who are skeptical about this account, please be advised that the child’s pool/disc is on display at City Hall with the blessing of the property owner who wishes to remain anonymous. It will be on display until the Skamania Sherriff’s office removes it for evidentiary purposes.

In summary we theorize a Bigfoot or a Bigfootina [a female Bigfoot] has taken up disc golf in a big way.

Happy Halloween