City Administrator’s Notes - June 2013

It looks like summer has arrived and there’s a fair bit of activity in our town.

We are busy hiring a new Public Works Field Supervisor and a new City Clerk / Treasurer / Administrator – the lead position for our public works crew and the city’s chief operations officer. With the new people will come both the standard hiccups as we get them trained and the new opportunities as we take advantage of new talents!

We will be trenching the park near the gazebo this month to install 220 volt service. This will come in very handy for concerts and events that need extra power, such as the Gorge Days concert from Johnny Limbo and the Lugnuts.

With all our staff challenges, getting the new gazebo on the other side of city hall up has proven challenging, but I still expect it will be done “soon!” This gazebo is primarily intended to support the disc golf course, but feel free to make use of it when the disc golfers aren’t around.

Please remember that your utility payments are due on the 20th of the month when you receive your bill. We’ve been a bit lax in sending out late notices lately while we dealt with our system upgrade, but that’s behind us now and we’re finding that a lot of people are receiving late fees on past-due accounts.

I’ve had a few questions about the new road on the east end of town – it is Coyote Ridge Road, and it being built by the Port of Skamania to encourage development of their property. Once it develops, they will turn the road over to the city as a public road. However, for the time being it will remain closed.