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From the Mayor's Desk - August 2014

This year’s Gorge Days was another successful event with hundreds of beautiful cars on display, wonderful food and craft vendors, engaging programs for kids of all ages and a wealth of other activities to entertain all who attended. This year we enjoyed 3 different live music acts: Mo Phillips played to the kids on Friday afternoon, New Shilling entertained over 100 diners at the Farm to Table Benefit Dinner Friday evening and Hit Machine rocked the crowd after the car show Saturday.

From the Mayor's Desk - June 2014

June started off with a scary situation that was quickly handled by a member of our Public Works department. A distraught mom called our City Hall over the weekend and fortunately found Steven Hasson, our City Administrator, working on a day off. She quickly explained her toddler had somehow managed to lock themselves into a room on the second floor and they could not get the door open. Steven called Public Works and Bryan Henrichsen dropped what he was doing and took a ladder tall enough to allow him to climb through the second story window and open the door.

From the Mayor's Desk - May 2014

I know Spring officially started over a month ago but with the sound of lawn mowers becoming a more regular occurrence and a run of sunny days it’s actually starting to feel like we’ve made it through another Winter.

With our current mix of sun and warmer weather the grass is growing so fast you can almost watch it happen. This means frequent lawn mowing is required to keep our yards looking neat, which leaves all of us lawn-mowing individuals looking for somewhere to dump our grass clippings.

From the Mayor's Desk - April 2014

Spring is here, according to my calendar at least, and the weather does seem to be getting a bit more pleasant. Other indications include trees and flowers starting to bud and the sound of lawn mowers in the air.

While the onset of spring is lifting our spirits here in City Hall, we are also dealing with some sadness caused by the resignation of Annette Taylor, one of our Deputy Clerks.

From the Mayor's Desk - February 2014

It’s been an unusual winter thus far with less precipitation than normal, temperatures alternating between warmer than expected down into the teens and 20s and, of course, our fair share of wind. A big benefit of this crazy weather has been the lack of snow in town. This has resulted in safer driving around our community and precluded the need for our Pubic Works crew to plow snow, thus far at least. Of course, we all know weather conditions can change pretty quickly around here and there’s still plenty of winter left so we may not have seen the worst yet.

From the Mayor's Desk - January 2014

As we welcome the New Year it’s a good time to recap a few of the events of 2013 as we look towards the future.

We experienced a fair amount of change in our staff at City Hall over the past 12 months with Steven Hasson, our new City Clerk/Treasurer/Administrator, and Richard Lafayette, our new Public Works Field Supervisor both coming on board. Steven and Richard have worked diligently to ensure our city continues to run smoothly while they learn the numerous duties and details their jobs require.

From the Mayor's Desk - December 2013

Unless you’ve been out of the country for a while you are probably aware the city has been working to create a Public Development Authority (PDA) for the express purpose of applying for a retail marijuana store license. There are a number of reasons we have undertaken this effort. Foremost among them is our belief a PDA will place more emphasis on fulfilling the goals of I-502 rather than focusing solely on the financial bottom line. Those goals include public health and safety, substance-abuse prevention, research, education, health care funding and law enforcement services.