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From the Mayor's Desk - March 2016

Spring will officially begin this month, but it feels like we’ve been in spring cleaning mode for months already. Between all the downed trees and branches and other damage inflicted on our community by the storms in November and December, our public works crew has been burning their candles at both ends and the middle. In addition to all their clean up duties, they have also been manually regulating the reservoirs that supply our city water system.

From the Mayor's Desk - February 2016

It’s still a little early for spring cleaning but it is a good time to remind all residents of our Central Business District (CBD) that parking permits are required for overnight parking anywhere in the CBD area.

If you have a business in the CBD you are entitled to one (1) parking permit and if you are a resident in the CBD you get two (2) permits. If you have a business and reside in the same building you are entitled to both types of permits for a total of three (3).

From the Mayor's Desk - January 2016

 As we start the New Year we often try to come up with a resolution or two to improve our lives or the lives of those in our circle of family and friends. Sometimes we are able to stick to our resolutions and realize some positive results, but other times we give it a try for a few weeks or a month before giving up so we can deal with all the duties and responsibilities in our lives and consider ourselves fortunate to just be here. If you are working to stay true to your resolution, I wish you all the best and hope you are successful in your endeavors.

From the Mayor's Desk - December 2015

As we head into the last month of the year we find ourselves cleaning up after the worst storm I recall since moving to North Bonneville in 2005. While it will be some time before we get things back to normal, it was very heartening to witness so many of our residents pitching in during the storm to clear downed trees, unclog the catch basins that feed our storm water system and generally look out for each other.

From the Mayor's Desk - October 2015

The recent wastewater system problem we experienced gave us another chance to use the Southwest Washington Public Alert system to notify our residents of the issue. The calls also asked us not to flush our toilets or run water down any drains until notified it was okay to do so. Our Public Works team was able to resolve the problem in a few hours and a second series of robocalls were made to notify us it was okay to resume using the system.

From the Mayor's Desk - September 2015

Fall doesn’t officially start until September 23rd this year but it looks and feels a lot like it’s here already. The much-needed rain we’ve been getting over the past several days and the brightly colored leaves blowing around town are clear signs summer is coming to an end. Among other things, the arrival of fall signals shorter days ahead, the imminent end of hot weather and the start of a new school year.

From the Mayor's Desk - June 2015

As we move closer to summer, our City Council is making a change to their meeting schedule for the next few months. Instead of the regular meetings on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, we are going to hold workshops at the first meeting of June, July and August in order to have more time to discuss topics and ideas relating to our community.