Shoreline Master Program Update

Draft Schedule Completed Scheduled Pending
Phase 1: Preliminary Assessment of Shoreline Jurisdiction & Public Participation Plan
  Preliminary Shoreline Jurisdiction Map Jurisdiction MapJurisdiction Ownership Map
  Prepare Public Participation Plan Public Participation Plan
  SMP Working Group Meeting (open to public) September 20, 2011; AgendaMeeting Minutes
  Phase 1 Submittal & Compliance with State Guidlines October 20, 2011
Phase 2: Shoreline Inventory, Analysis & Characterization
  Preliminary Shoreline Inventory October - December 2011 Prelim. Reaches Map
  Conduct Shoreline Analysis October - December 2011
  Prepare Shoreline Inventory & Characterization Report Pre-meeting Draft Report
  SMP Working Group meeting (open to the public) December 6, 2011 Agenda Minutes
April 7, 2015 Agenda Minutes  
April 21, 2015 Minutes
  Phase 2 Submittal & Compliance with State Guidlines Draft Inventory Characterization Report
Phase 3: Complete Draft SMP & Cumulative Impact Analysis
  Conduct Community Visioning Strategy (includes Open Public Meetings) January - April 2012
  Survey Results - Working Group Meeting Minutes
  Develop Draft SMP Draft SMP;  Appendix  A  B  C  D  E
  Prepare Preliminary Cumulative Impacts Analysis Cumulative Effects Analysis
  SMP Working Group meetings (open to the public) April 2015
  Phase 3 Submittal & Compliance with State Guidlines June 2015
Phase 4: Restoration Planning; Revisiting Phase 3 Products as Necessary
  Prepare Restoration Plan Draft Restoration Plan
  Revised SMP, Cumulative Effects Analysis, Jurisdictional Maps July 2015
  No Net Loss Report No Net Loss Report
  Phase 4 Submittal & Compliance with State Guidlines July 2015
Phase 5: Local SMP Adoption Process
  Assemble complete draft SMP & submit to DOE July - September 2015
  SEPA review & documentation July - September 2015
  Public Hearing July - September 2015
  Prepare responsiveness summary October - December 2015
  Adopt SMP & submit to Department of Ecology October - December 2015
  Phase 5 SMP submittal checklist October - December 2015