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Welcome to the City of North Bonneville Sticky

One of Washington 's best kept secrets, North Bonneville is ideally located between the recreational attractions of the Columbia Gorge and the metropolitan Portland area, just 45 miles away.

From the Mayor's Desk - March 2015

We still have a few weeks to go before spring officially arrives, but you wouldn’t know it by looking around our city. Flowers are blooming, trees are budding and I even had to mow the lawn last weekend, breaking my previous first mowing of the year record by at least two months.

11th Annual Gorge Days

Planning is well underway for the 2015 Gorge Days Celebration. This year marks the 11th anniversary of this extraordinary community event and is scheduled to take place Friday and Saturday July 10th and 11th. More information, car show registration forms, vendor forms, and the full event schedule (as soon as it's available) can be found on the official Gorge Days websiteInterested in exhibiting your vehicle in the Gorge Days Car Show in 2015?

City of North Bonneville Utility Polices

  1. North Bonneville sewer and water utility payments must be physically received at City Hall by 5 PM on the statement due date [no exceptions]. Any utility payment received after the due date [by the 20 day of the month] will be delinquent. A delinquent account is subject to a $15.00 late fee.

From the Mayor's Desk - February 2015

As we head into February it’s starting to look like we won’t get much of a winter this year. I can’t say I’m overly disappointed to have missed out on shoveling snow this winter but it is a little unnerving to see how small the local snowpack is for this time of year. I don’t foresee any drought conditions in our near future but we certainly are living in some very interesting times.

City Administrator’s Notes - February 2015

Our Mayor, Don Stevens, has been fortunate to strike up a relationship with a local Bigfoot. He is to be congratulated on that action given how reticent the Bigfoot is to human encounter and especially interaction with politicians. However, overtime, the two have shared considerable information on many different topics, which by the way, has enhanced the Mayor’s ability to govern our community.

From the Mayor's Desk - January 2015

Christmas came early for our city this year in the form of some generous donations made by a couple residents.

Lisa and Corey Jones gave us an incredible gift the week before Christmas, a copier that has been a pressing need for us for sometime now. Our old copier has been on its last legs for the past few years and figuring out how to acquire a replacement within the confines of our already very tight budgets has not been a successful endeavor.

From the Mayor's Desk - December 2014

The holiday season is here and it’s the perfect time for a reminder about our pets, both those who live with us now and those in our futures. Over the past several weeks we’ve rescued three dogs in our community. The first was an adorable Chihuahua who I happened to see running down the middle of the east bound lane of Cascade Drive, just in front of the Chevron station. I had just turned onto Cascade and saw him running behind a pickup truck as fast as his little legs would carry him.

City Administrator’s Notes - September 2014

First, a word of caution!!! Someone took it upon themselves to spray some of the wild blackberries that grow around town on public lands. This action was not authorized by the City. We do not know who sprayed the plants or what chemicals might have been used for spraying purposes. The City staff placed signs near the bushes advising against eating them - so please refrain from consuming these sprayed fruits.

From the Mayor's Desk - September 2014

As we enjoy the warm summer weather I’m seeing a lot of people taking advantage of all the outdoor activities available in our city. Tennis, basketball, disc golf, traditional golf, cycling and that old reliable walking are all in evidence everywhere I look. I find this very encouraging as exercise is an important part of staying healthy and is something to which we should all aspire.


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